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I think I'd call it good luck, as you were there to catch the moment. Great series. I can't believe that one of these would be so non-chalent around a crowd of people. Mind you, most of the hawks I see are perched on light standards watching the freeway traffic go by. Go figure. They must be fascinated by the constant motion. I can't really think of any other reason for them for perching on busy highways....cheers..Don
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Corpsy wrote:
I guess a second possibility would be if there was some better way to carry around multiple lenses on a bike. I don't want to put a basket on it (I'll never get it in my car that way), but perhaps there's some kind of attachment that could store my old 80-200, or at least the 135mm/f2.5.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
A front basket shouldn't effect that too much as they are not wider than the handlbars.... and that is how I carry my K10D bag around Key West.... though admittedly not bike in a car.

Ever thought about a bike rack? Much easier than stuffing it in most cars, even SUV

Oh and nice shots, all but the first don't seem like range was a really issue, though maybe you cropped. Osprey's (at least looks like one) dining are always interesting, unusual to see them do it on the ground though... usually they prefer the top of a telephone pole or something especially around people.
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If you had not had the wider lens, you would not have been able to show the situation so well. Fortunately, the young bird (just molting into adult plumage, withits firstred tail feather) was too hungry to abandon its catch. You did well.
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I know what you mean.

I use a Tamron 28-200mm XR now for travelling, when I can only take one lens.

It's a good, non-expensive lens (around 150$ on ebay...) as long as the subject isn't moving. For birds that are moving a lot it doesn't quite cut it...
Pleasant bokeh and decent sharpness (esp. when post-processed a little)

Not even close to a more expensive zoom or a prime though, but that can be expected.


here's an example of that lens:

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