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I'd appreciate any help here. If this has been covered, please direct me in the right direction. I got my k10d in Feb. and in April it started flashing F-- and nothing will work when it does this.It does eventually come out of this, but after I've missed the shot. I should have asked for help before now, but having a land line connection makes for aggravation on the net. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Michelle
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The F-- usually indicates that it cannot communicate the aperture settings to the lens. Check to make sure your lens is fully locked and engaged with the camera mount. Check to make sure the electrical contacts on both the camera and lens aren't dirty.

- Jason
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Hi Michelle,

I'm assuming that that you mean it's flashing "F--" in the viewfinder and on the top LCD panel instead of the aperture as opposed to some obscene term that I'm not familiar with. . .:-)

. . . Sorry, I couldn't help myself. . .

Anyway, this is usually caused by a contact problem with the lens, and usually can be solved by wiping the contacts on the lens and the camera body with a soft, clean, non-linty cloth (microfiber works good). The contacts are the little ball-like things that line the bottom of the lens and the mount on the camera body.

Also make sure that your lens is mounted and locked in completely. You should have to press the lens lock button before you can rotate it off.

If they're really dirty with some substance that is very persistent, I'd try electric contact cleaner sprayed on the same kind of cloth -- don't spray it on the lens or the camera body!

If the problem is only intermittent, then jiggling the lens will probably take care of it at least temporarily, but cleaning the contacts would probably keep it from recurring.

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Thank you Jason & Scott for the info. I'll clean the contacts and hope that will help. Michelle
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Pop on another lens for a while and see if it does it with that lens too. The problem may be the contacts on the camera body and not the lens. Lastly,it could be a loose connection from the contacts inside the camera body.

Fingers crossed for dirty lens to camera connections and nothing more sinister and costly.

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