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wadue wrote:
WOW! Hayward, THANK YOU for the compliments & your very eloquette way of presenting them but you are right about the softness. I really should have posted them from a website instead of compressing them to 20% but I am always anxious to get shots posted within a few days of taking them. Just my "thing".
Well mini res to post here is a given... and maybe just the compression factor.... but I'll take a little softenes for true aesthetic quality... over the just tech excellence and little else ANY DAY. And actually didn't really see any bad softness but wouldn't have been surprised if some of the tech anal here might not have brought it up.... likely not now though, and actually minor softness can be a PLUS for something as sureal as that kind of swamp... vs HARSH RAZOR sharp absolute reality would be detracting from it.

And actually no idea how much you may have reshot, but there are direct sun spots and shadow yet NOTHING is blown out or black.... maybe just happy accident... but something still a little hard to do with digital.... though digital contrast ratio (vs film) has GREATLY improved in the last generation or two but can still be very tricky to work around.
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Nice shots, the cypress swamp looks much like the ones here in central Florida as well; I like the rich greens you captured in the photo.

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Lovely shots, thanks for posting them. It's great to see a little green now and then, even if its only on my computer screen (and like others, my favorite is the tree stumps in the swamp).
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