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snostorm Jun 25, 2007 3:09 AM

rhermans wrote:

The wireless functionality works but I guess it fires on the wrong moment. Might be me though I guess it's not.
Hi Ronny,

It sounds like your flash is firing on the preflash (acting as a "dumb" optic slave flash). Since I don't have the Sigma, and Sigma doesn't seem to have the flash manuals available online, I can't tell you how to set it for wireless TTL mode. On the Pentax flashes, there is a separate power switch setting for wireless, and you have to set the camera for wireless flash in two areas.

1. Go to the Function Menu for the flash and set it on "W".
2. In the Custom Menu, you have to choose between "Control" and "Master" for the popup flash. Control means that the popup does not add to the exposure, it just communicates exposure info to the flash, and Master means that both flashes add to the exposure. You should be able to control the percentage of the contribution for each flash, as in contrast control flash, but I don't know if the Sigma does this like the Pentax flashes do.

On the Pentax flashes, you have to set the gun for slave 1 (slave 2 is just an optically fired "dumb" slave mode -- no metering control from the camera) and make sure that both the flash and the camera are set to the same channel.

The newest (very recent) firmware update for the SG Super allows wireless TTL support, so if yours is a brand new one, it should work, and from reports, it works very well in this mode.

Oh yeah, you also have to have at least firmware version 1.1 for the K10, and I'm pretty sure that you have to be using a lens with the "A" setting on the aperture ring, or any of the AF lenses.


Edit: Great shots -- I forgot that part -- especially the fly -- it's a definite stunner.

rhermans Jun 25, 2007 3:14 AM

To start of , thanks everybody for the nice remarks.

Daniel: don't know how big it's compared with the 540 but it's big

rhermans Jun 25, 2007 3:22 AM

Thanks Scott,

had the flash on slave3 - and this might be the problem - as soon as I get back from work I'll check the other slave settings out.

The best result I've got up till now are shots with the top 95% black, so that would be the closed curtain.


SteveB Jun 25, 2007 2:08 PM

snostorm wrote:

Sigma doesn't seem to have the flash manuals available online

Find it here.........

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