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Paul - Thanks! You should see how many badly blurred photos it took to get one that was OK... They are indeed quick little critters!

GW - Thanks!

Penolta - Thanks so much! You are right, I had not thought about the DOF factor...

Patty - We are glad for the change too - all our snow is gone. Lots of rain this week, but some more sunshine coming (and maybe more snow next week?)
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Old Jan 21, 2010, 6:51 AM   #12
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Cool BIF capture. The pattern on the Downey's wing is striking. It is something we seldom see unless stopped with a high shutter speed.

The wildflower is beautiful. It is amazing how wonderful some of the smallest flowers look when seen through a close up lens.

Nice shooting!

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Old Jan 21, 2010, 12:38 PM   #13
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Nice series - I really love the WIF picture - just awesome! Focus is right-on and with a manual focusing lens, too. Well done!
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Old Jan 22, 2010, 12:18 AM   #14
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That WIF is a rather amazing shot, at least to my eyes. I can't imagine being able to get a shot like that with my DA 50-200, maybe a luck shot if any at all. That and the Squirls interest me the most, as I usually have squirls in one of my 2 trees in the front yard, but am Still trying to get some shots of the quality you've just displayed here. It looks like your squirls are a bit lighter and more colorful than mine are, and mine must hybernate in the winter as when the snow starts to fly they disappear on me, even with fresh corn in the tree. Weird !! You do a real good job out there in the mountains to bring us all those beautiful shots. Thank You Much mole.
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Lou - Thanks so much!

Harriet - Glad you liked them. Actually the focus is a little off, but best I could do in the rapidity of the moment...

AZK6er - It was indeed a lucky shot - but it seems that, the more time I spend out in the field, the more "lucky" shots show up! We do have a lot of subtle color variations in our grey squirrels - this guy was particularly pale...
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