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Yes, Phil. I got ahold of them today. They can't tell me anything yet, though. The reason they couldn't find it before was they "code" it as the return name and address and I asked them to return it to my office. I kept telling them my name and zip code for home not the name of the company I work for.

I'm hoping I won't have problems. I know it was delivered on 7/30 by UPS at 8 a.m. Today they told me they "processed" it on 8/2. And, it usually takes 15-20 days for them to get to it. I asked if she meant 15-20 to ship it back or I should have it by then. She wouldn't commit to either.

At least I know they have it now. My only concern at this point is my warranty expired on 7/31. I hope they use the 7/30 "received" date and not the 8/2 "processed" date for the warranty. I will fight them on that if they do.

Will post when I get it back and what they did. I've been using my old film C and am convinced now it was the camera and not me. I've taken 4 rolls offilm this past weekend and every single photo came out just fine. So it's not my abilities. (Well, maybe just a little!):-)
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