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Well, I called Pentax again and they said to send it in so I will be doing that in the next couple of weeks. I'm out of state right now and want to use the original packaging. So I'll update in a bit.

THanks for all the help!!!
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mtngal wrote:
I don't hear a click - I hear more of a soft hum. It's the same noise I hear when I use the mirror lock-up to blow out the sensor and figure that it has something to do with the mechanism that holds the mirror up.
Nope that should also be a clean clcik (10D at least) and no other sound until you turn the camera off to cancel it.

Seems like you may also have a serious to come problem in the SR/Mirror mechanism.

EDIT let me modify that slightly at normal holding range no sound at all but the mirror lock up clunk.... if I put my ear physically against the camera during... I hear VERY slight noises, intermittent enough I still would not define as a hum.
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