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Wow, BigDawg,I just got home from work and wanted to add my regrets to your leaving and BigBroclosed the thread before I had a chance. Hope Idon't get tossed for starting a new thread to say goodbye, I'll miss ya.Until this was brought up I don't recall ever seeing any link to another site. I'm sure it was there, I just didn't pay any attention to it. I was more appreciative of the content of your posts. Like everyone elseI found them informative and interesting. It's not for me to judge, it's not my rules, but my opinion is that these forums have lost more with your departurethan they have gainedby enforcing the rules. But sometimes that's the sacrifice we have to make in a free society. That's a compliment to you BigDawg, not a criticism of BigBro.
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Old Oct 4, 2007, 6:29 PM   #2
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Nah, you're not going to "get tossed" for starting a thread. The thread was closed because this is not a debatable issue.

We're not going to allow it here, period. So, there is no point in debating it. We don't think that's too much to ask of a member here.

I'm hoping bigdawg will reconsider leaving us. I think it's mostly a misunderstanding. I have nothing against the site he's an admin for now.

Some of his posts have been real favorites of mine. For example this Things to Do in Alabama thread comes to mind.

I can't tell you how much enjoyment I've gotten from it (and I'm sure others I've shown it to would agree). :-)

Look, Steve doesn't have a lot of rules here. But, one thing that we ask members not to do is promote web sites they're associated with. We don't think that's too much to ask.

That doesn't mean the web site isn't great. I sometimes point members to posts in other forums myself.

But, when I see a member doing that (starting to append a URL to another site in their posts for a web site that they're associated with), I'll send them a friendly note that reads like this if I see it (and I don't read all of the posts so I'm sure I miss some of that kind of thing).

Please do not plug another forum in all of your posts, as I see you're now doing.

Steve doesn't like it when members plug other sites in their posts, since this is Steve's forum, not a place to advertise other digital camera forums. ;-)


So, I hope that bigdawg will see where we're coming from and continue to participate in the forums. It will be a loss to the community if he didn't stay.

But, we can't play favorites. That's one reason we don't allow for sale posts here either, even if the forum member is respected and we know they're not a scammer.

It's just too hard to police, and we'd have scammers posting trying to buy and sell gear, hard feelings between forum members and more. So, we don't allow it here.

If we did allow those types of posts (members pushing their own web sites, selling gear, and more) while triying to decide what to allow and deny, we'd have forum members complaining about other members posts ("how come they're allowed to plug their site and we can't plug ours").

So, we just don't allow that when we see forum members start to do it (plugging a web site in every post).

It's just too hard to police, since we attract spammers like a magnet here pretty often, and it's hard enough keeping the spammers from posting without worrying about members trying to plug other sites, too.

So, rather than make a judgement call about every poster's site, we just don't allow it here and I try to ask posters politely not to plug web sites they're associated with in our forums. That way, we're not put in a position of trying to decide what's spam and what's not, and that lets us be fairer to all members.

So, I hope you guys understand why we do it this way and I sincerely hope that bigdawg will reconsider and continue contributing to the forum community here. I personally value his posts here.

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Old Oct 4, 2007, 9:48 PM   #3
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I hope BigDawg reconsiders also, I enjoyed his posts. Thanks Jim for taking the time to further explain the rules and reasons behind them.

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While I, too, will miss BigDawg if he decides to stay away (and hope that he reconsiders), I can seeSteve's side of things. I've seen another forum that was"attacked" by spammers, posting totally off-topic sales,etc. (the board was a small one, had nothing to do with photography, and was not that closely monitored). It didn't take very long before the board became a ghost town. I love this board and appreciate how well its run. This board isn't the only one with such rules - I can think of 3 other ones covering 3 different topics that all have very similar rules, for the same reasons (and one of those boards is HUGE).
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Vale Big Dawg, you will be missed.
Thank You for your friendly critiques, advice and your wonderful photographs.

I too love this forum, I hope it lives long.
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Wow...what a controversy. I, also, hope that Dawg reconsiders. I think that the current mode of operation for this forum is ideal. As a beginner to not only photography but forums in general, I have found this site to be quite enjoyable without any outside advertising & other "mindbenders". There are already more than enough sites out there which deluge visitors with ads & other nonsense which makes it difficult to concentrate on what you have come to the site for in the 1st place. I can understand &appreciate Steve & co's stance on this issue. What's fair for one should be fair for everyone.

Dawg, like I said, I hope you reconsider but if not, thank you for your posts & for your insights...I have learned from you.

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Old Oct 4, 2007, 11:51 PM   #7
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I will have to go with the moderators on thisone -- as much as we personally might like a recalcitrant member, there really should benothing controversial abouta situation such as this. I can understand the reasons for the rules and the action taken as I moderate three other forums (nonphotographic) on another site, and we have similar rules and have to deal with even more problem members. We are nonprofit, have no advertising and allow no commercial activities of any kind. The site owner supports it himself, but he sets no rules without concurrenceof the several moderators. It is a free site - if we charged a fee for membership, perhaps people might feel they have a right to demand something for their money, but as it is they are guests in someone else's house, and are expected to abide by the rules which they are supposed to have agreed to upon joining. When people break the rules, they are given a chance to explain their actions, and if they do not agree to mend their ways, theywill bebanned (so long as the modertors agree on the action). It is that simple -they agreed to abide by the "house rules" whenthey joined - ifthey didn't like them,they shouldn't havejoined. We have lost a few valued contributors among the chaff, but we too have large internationalparticipation withthousands of registeredmembers (most of whom only lurk) and cannot make exceptions for the few who think they are special cases. It may sound harsh, but there is nothing personal intended - and itmay beregretable, but that is justthe way it has to be. Especially when all a person has to do is to say "oops, sorry, it won't happen again" and then allwill beforgiven. . . .
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Old Oct 5, 2007, 1:47 AM   #8
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At dpreview he would of been banned without thought - maybe without a warning. In my opinion it was handled in a reasonable way.
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amicah22 wrote:
At dpreview he would of been banned without thought - maybe without a warning. In my opinion it was handled in a reasonable way.

A line must be drawn somewhere. IMO the line is reasonable. Hope you can reconsider

Daniel, Toronto
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Dawg, I hope you'll reconsider. This forum has been enriched by your presence. I, personally, have beneifted greatly from your feedback and have enjoyed many an exchange.
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