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The photo below was taken with my old SMC 135mm lens. I have never been particulary comfortable with this lens. I guess I really don't know just how to apply it. I usually use the 200mm if I want a closeup of something and so I've never quite figured out the right application for this lens. I thought it was meant for some distance. But while playing around with it tonight I was no more than 6" from this flower. Because the flower is so small?
It makes me a bit nervous because, I have the 40mm ltd due to arrive on Monday and if I must get that close with this lens length to fill the frame with a flower, how close/far will I need to get to someone to fill the frame 3/4 body to full body with the 40mm and still have a nice clear facial detail?
I was going to get the 50mm as my first new prime, but none of the reputable sites had it available. I picked the 40mm because I thought it would also be good for basic street photography (and I really, really like the idea that it is so small!). By Street photography I mean quick street fashion shots (for my blog).

Any way, enough rambling, here is my little photo of a flower from the little bouquet I received today. I just took it a bit ago in a very dim room. I was also playing with my new fangled flash.
I know it's not the best subject in the world but I really wanted to see what kind of brokeh I could achieve with it. Not too bad eh?
I only sized the photo down no other changes. So if you know how to read the exif then there you go. (but I'm not sure how much of that info is availalbe when you use old manual lenses).

And if anyone has any tips on the lenses I've spoken of, that would be awesome!

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The 40mm will be almost the same as you looking with the naked eye. A normal lens so to speak. So if you must get up close to see the detail with your naked eye then you will have to do the same with the 40mm lens. (Actually it will magnify the target a little as it is above the normal lens a little) But the 40mm is so sharp you should be able to do some serious cropping thus bringing the target in close enough for the detail! The 40mm Pankake limited is on my wish list! Very nice photo by the way!

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