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I was taking pictures of a NASCAR practice session this morning. I loaded up a 2GB SD card and the camera said I had 648 pictures I could take in JPEG at maximum quality.
So, I went on a shooting spree and when I stopped to leave the counter said I have room for 56 pictures on my card.

Here is the goofy part....when I come home and download the pictures on to my PC, I am told that I actually have 843 pictures. I am confused. Is there somethng wierd going on with the counter? I thought I read about this a while ago...on DPReview...but then I don't hang out there. I confirmed the number of pictures I took to be 843 and not in the mid 600s as I was made to belive going by the counter in the DL.

Yeah yeah...800 plus pictures...nice to just click away. At 200 plus MPH it is amzing that you get anything in the frame at all. The noise ...unbelievable...as loud or louder than an airshow. Will post some of the better ones.....

Thanks for comments about the counter issue

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Similar experience with my K10D. I bought 4 4Gb SDHC cards, thinking I would only get around 60 images per card in RAW.

Went out for the day and changed to jpg 648 available. Shot all day, came home and I had 750 pics with over 100 left!

Just checked on my cam and the card I tend to use most often now says 817 in jpg mode, which is closer to the truth.

However, RAW+ mode still says 186, but I regularly get more than 200 before changing cards!

I think the counter is just an estimate based on maximum file sizes.

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That is funny because on 1gb CF card In the large mode on my ist D the counter shows 247.

They must have changed the way the camera reads the cards.

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Depending on the amount of data contained in each image, the size of each picture can vary a bit, as a result you can get varying amounts of images recorded onthe same size card. I think the counter is set to maximum data for each image stating the minimum number of images you can store.

Have a look at your image files in Detail mode and NOT in thumbnail and you will see they are all different sizes. If you sort according to size and compare the largest to to the smallest you might be surprised at the difference.
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Thanks for the responses....upon thinking you guys are right and wise too! This makes a lot of sense now that it is explained.

That bieng said it would make sense for though the camera to calculate how much space is left and then extimate based on maximum size. This would yiend a constantly changing nnumber of esxposures.

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Yeah, its just an average estimate..... some images have more data, but many have less, so you have a lot images that compress well (like with lots of white or flat sky/backgrounds... you likely will get many more images.
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