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This is a general post regarding an issue i've discovered on my GX-10, and to see if anybody else finds they too have it. The viewfinder seems misalligned so that perfectly alligned horizontals in the viewfinder such as the flat sea, will come out always leaning to the right.

Here are two simple test images... the first was composed so that the dark black line at the bottom was exactly parallel with the bottom edge of the viewfinder. The second image had the same dark line running exactly along the bottom of the overlays on the viewfinder. Pictures taken with a tripod of course, SR off, 2 sec timer, camera fully square to the drawers.


From some research i've done already it seems there are a number of both K10D and GX-10 users with the problem. Think i'll give samsung a call regarding it on warranty. Anybody else or am I the unluckiest chap with a GX-10?!
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i've seen this problem with others. you are not the lone ranger. if it's still covered i'd definately get in touch with the poweres that be and get it fixed. it looks like either the sensor or the viewfinder is out of square with each other. don't live with it, get it fixed..

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Yeah, I would definately look at having that fixed... it looks to be pretty major to me. The other example that someone brought up was barely noticiable, yours is a lot worse. I would definately send it in. If you bought it recently, you might try returning it to the store. Maybe they can exchange it for you and save you some time, because I haven't heard the greatest things about Samsung's service dept. That was one of the biggest reasons that I chose the K10 over the GX10.

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That's pretty bad, I would return it for sure.

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