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bilybianca wrote:
robar wrote:
no, roy does not have one.
Hmmm, I do remember a closer-than-close shot of a tick, :shock:,and a shot of the setup with the bellows on a tripod and the tick in a glass bowl. Was it Tom??

Yes it was me, but I don't remember what lens I used (M42) on the bellows and I was hard to use because the tick was alive and kept moving.

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This is the only decent shot I kept using the bellows.

Clover about 2-3mm in size, using a 55mm screw lens onthe M42 bellows.


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never had a bellows but use extension tubes a lot. since tubes or bellows have no glass any quality differences in the image will come from the lens you mount on them. i kind of think you lose your automatic aperture (focussing and composing with the lens wide open which then stops down to the chosen aperture) with bellows. a lot of tubes keep the auto aperture and some have the contacts for auto focus and exposure.

i'm experimenting now with a couple of m prime lenses on tubes to see if the results are better than my sigma 70-300 macro.

all the best, eric
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Tom - amazing picture of the tick (yuck!), though if it were me, that tick would have been dead before I tried to take a picture of it.
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I tried to kill some, but they looked strange, so I chased it around the dish (put DEET on the rim and it wouldn't go past it) with the belows setup.

The advantage to a bellows is it will tilt and swing unlike extension tubes for perspective issues and it is faster to change the length which is unlimited up to the total linit of the bellows.


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I have bellows, Pentax II, with the lens that came with it, 50mm (IIRC).

The bellows are fun to use though lighting is a real challenge, there does not seem to be any obvious problems with extending even further than the length of the bellows and I have tried mine with all the extension tubes I have! It is possible to do very high magnification that way.

The depth of focus is about as thin as a gnat's pay checque which limits subjects somewhat, for example photographing a small coin while the raised parts may be in focus the rest of the coin is not, closing the aperture and long exposure may ease this?

Such critical focussing is very difficult to do in the view finder and of course the camera cannot auto focus this lens rig.

Bellows make camera copying of slides easy.

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Thank you Tom, John, Harriet, Darren, tjsnaps, & ejbrusselsprouts for the comments & information..Much appreciated!!

Thanks to Tom & Darren for posting the pics..The tick is defineatly unusual..Never seen a red one before.

Does anyone know if using shorter focal length lenses will improve the depth of field?? Say 35mm as opposed to 50mm or 100mm??

Or is the amount of extension that the bellows is set for what determines the focal length??

There are several books I'm trying to locate to read so I won't have to ask so many questions..Until then THANKS for being patient & amswering all my questions.

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