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I learned a lot about people photography in this post. I have several beautiful daughters and granddaughters. Until now I have simply photographed them in candid, unposed, family gatherings. I get a lot of duds, but now and then a jewel pops out. This forum article will help me get more useful photos. I have three families to deal with. after family gatherings, where I have made a nuisance of myself sticking my camera in faces. I collect the good photos on a DVD. These can be used by the individuals for reproduction as they see fit. I then collect the same photos into a slide show so they can be enjoyed as a group, or used to select the individual photos for reproduction. I give each family group a set of the two discs, and, of course, keep the originals.

I use a photo program called "Nero Express 6" which came as an adjunct to my computer's CD/DVD writer. With it I can do my photo processing, consisting largely of brightening, sharpening, and cropping in a utility called "Photosnap". I also use it to make copies of CD/DVD discs. The copies I make usually take about 15 minutes for a full disc. I love this program and recommend it highly.

I have been using my Pentax K10d with the pentax 18-55 kit lens. I am looking for a lens that will give me flexibility atlonger focal ranges, but one which is not massively heavy. I would like a 50-135mm f/2.8, but cannot justify the high cost, so will probably settle for something of lesser quality. Any suggestions proffered will be welcomed.

My lenses: The Pentax 18-55 kit lens; Pentax SMC 50mm f/1.4; Pentax SMC 28mm f/3.5; SMC Pentax M 50mm f/1.7; Ricoh 35-70mm f/3.4-4.5; Sears 135mm f/2.8 with 1:5 Macro; Sears 60-300mm f/4.0-5.8; Tamron SP Adaptall 2 60-300mm f/3.8-5.4 w/ 62mm objective lens and 1:2 Macro; Super Tacumar 55mm f/2.0 (M42 base); Sears 50mm f/1.7.

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Damn, saw this one too late.

I would have definitly given you the advice to order a set of these: http://www.gadgetinfinity.com/produc...roductid=16766

They allow you to trigger the flash off camera, wireless.

They're cheap, fairly reliable, and in combination with a cheap light stand and umbrella your creative opportunities for portraits go trough the roof

check http://strobist.blogspot.com for more info on super flash lighting.

With the equipment you listed, I'd advise to use as much available light as possible, and if you use flash, bounce it. (a reflector panel does wonders too)

And last but not least, and maybe even more important than all the technical stuff: make sure your model has fun and takes natural poses, not forced ones
I usually take a few shots where I ask them to look up or sideways, not in the lens, so they get used to the feeling, and then I ask them "allright now just do the same but look into my lens".


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Old Engineer, I'm like you in that I take a lot of candid shots at group gatherings. Went to a friend's 80th birthday party yesterday and was just rambling around getting shots of the groups and individuals. It was sort of practice with the camera and flash for the senior shots. But, I wasn't posing people. Felt a little funny asking people to sit a certain way or move their arms or whatever. I'll be fine on the senior shots as they know what I'm doing there.

We have Nero 7 that came with our DVD drive, but I tend to use PSE5 mostly for my adjustments. My husband keeps downloading all sorts of freebies or test programs so our computer's getting full of them. He's playing with Raw Therapee now. As a matter of fact wants me off the computer right now :-)but I told him he had to wait.

Keep up the photos. It's what keeps you so young!

Tom - Thanks for the tip on the flash trigger. I'll check into it. I do have a white board that I was using when I did the class on portraits. I just didn't have a partner to hold them, so had to have the photoee (not a word, but you know what I mean) hold it for me.

Having them look away from the camerawas one of the tricks we'd learned in the class to get them to relax. Thanks for reminding me. I would also tell them I was ready to take the shot, take one and then once done immediately take another once they'd relaxed. Although, I was shooting jpg's that day. Had planned on doing RAW for this one.

I do need to work on the delay factor in the camera and the flash. I was having to wait sometimes a bit longer than I wanted for the flash yesterday.


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