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when i look at this i see a wonderment of nature
the lines
the textures
the shapes
the design
i wonder how small insects are capable of building such a structure
using chewed up wood or leaves
how do they know how to do this and where to put the bits to make the nest
this is truley amazing
i hope in the end you kept it

we dont have hornets here

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hope in the end you kept it

we dont have hornets here
Your sentiments are well taken, but we have awidely understoodexpression over here that when someone says or does something that provokes a bad reaction from others, that they have "really stirred up a hornet's nest." Not a pleasant prospect, since they canattack aggressively in numbersif sufficiently disturbed and they sting painfully. Sometimes thewonders of nature get too close for comfort and have to give way to safety concerns.
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I'm with you on that Penolta. I got stung about 15 times by some very large waspswhose nestwas attachedunder a banana leaf branch in Northeast Thailand. They were very painful at first, but the poison didn't last as long as somefrom the ground hornets I aroused mowing a lawn!Mr. ennecac, tear this hornet's nest down!

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