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How do some of you insert a watermark (with one's name, etc) into your digitial images? I've searched in Adobe PSE and could not find a feature to do so. Would appreciate any advice.


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There are at least two methods, depending upon how many you need to do and where you are going to dispaly the images.

In CS2 the help suggest using something from digimarc to embedd digital copyrigth message see this link http://www.digimarc.com/

A quick alternative is to make a an image with copyright info and then copy this into a layer of of the image. This should allow yo to keep it separate for editing and and any time when you do not want the watermark.


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i made mine as a brush

so when i want to use it i select the brush and can vary the intensity or colour at will

its pretty simple
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Hi Jay,

I created a separate image on a transparent background. Use (Alt)+0169 for the © symbol in Windows. I made two - one in white lettering, and one in black to use on light or dark background areas, then saved it as a .psd image to retain the transparent background in a separate folder in the partition with my images. You can make several files with different colors and/or fonts and use which ever suits the image or mood.

Before PPing any images, I open one of the files and copy it to my clipboard. As a final step in PP, I paste it on an image in a separate layer, then resize, relocate and adjust the opacity to make it more transparent and less obnoxious. If I plan to further PP the image (like different crops for different size prints), I leave it as a separate layer, but if I'm satisfied, I'll merge it before saving the image as a jpg (using (save as) to retain the original file).

I use PSP BTW I've used this method with all the versions from 8-11.

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I have chosen not to complicate my life with layers and ".psd"s, CS2s and PSEs......
I currently use an image viewer (faststone - freeware) and it has the option of adding text to a picture. Works quite well.....(the later albums http://picasaweb.google.com/feroz.ghouse). You can position text fairly precisely, manipulate font, size and effects and adjust the opacity depending on need and preference. Faststone has the ability to also add a watermark logo to the image too (or you can choose to add both text and a wm). I belive Irfanview is capable of the same.

The down side to this is that you cannot do all in one application. You have to first manipulate, then save the final image, then watermark it with an external application. Well, I guess it is a matter of amending ones workflow.

If you want to get a little fancier, there are many inexpensive watermarking applications you can use to place customized watermarks. Some of the ones I have looked at are AISWatermark, iWatermark, Watermarkfactory. Some of these apps also has CS/CS2 plugins available. Google revealed a lot to me. Also the prices started at abut 19.95 and went up to 89.95. Almost all of the applications I looked at had the capability to extract EXIF data and imprint that too on the picture. For example © <EXIF YEAR>, <Photographer Name>.

I have tried CS2 and a layers and created embossed text etc....Does a nice job but to me a bit complicated. (lots of hints are tutorials available on the web). My needs have not evolved to the level I'd seriously consider using CS2 for all my editing. I know you can do watermarking on PSE too....never tried it though. I find Digimark costly and have stayed away from it. I would rather put my money into a new lens or flash!


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the way i do my sig is

1. Create a new image¡K Whatever size you wish.. 72dpi is fine.
2. Make a text layer with your desired text, color,and/or copyright information.
3. now, flatten visible layers
4. Go to Filters„³ Stylize„³ Emboss
5. Use settings for Emboss as follows: Angle= 135 Height=10 Amount= 50(these settings can be adjusted to your desired look)
6. Now select all and copy (CTRL+A and CTRL+C)
7. Now open up your image you wish to watermark and paste (CTRL+V).
8. Next set the top layer (one you just pasted) blending mode to soft light (may need Hard Light on certain images for visibility)
9. Now adjust the opacity to desired amount.

i keep a few in a sig file and when i want to i'll just open it and drag it to the desired place in the image. any size will work. i use the small one but you could use a large one like this. i had to set the blending mode to hard light to see this one and about 50% opacity.

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oops , double post
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to type in a © turn mumbers lock, on and hit, alt+0169. at least on a pc
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