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Hi Folks, would like to post a few pics and get some feed back from this excellent forum, (praise will work wonders, so they tell me!)

I have tried 'help' but only find how to post text. I am a bit thick with PCs and I am waiting to go on a basic night school course on Photo shop elements 3. Bought the software but it totally confused me (but thats not unusual for me !).So, after the course I might understand the magic that you guys probably take for granted.

Any tips, ie size; jpeg; raw; would be a real help. I have Picasa 2 and did manage to squash my advar down with MGI photosuite 4, that was already on this PS. (with phone guidance from brother I might add!)

over to you ! SS :-)
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You can do it a couple of ways.Either as a link or an attachment.

To post it as a link you need the image to be hosted somewhere already.

Many users of this forum have accounts with Flikr or Photobucket or PBase etc. (There are lots of places which offer free hosting - I personally like Flikr but have accounts with a number of providers.) When you've uploaded an image to the service provider it'll have its own URL - the http:// etc etc. address you see in your browser's address bar. When you want to post this image on this forum you can link to that image by using the "image" button in the forum post toolbar. When you click on the button that'll bring up a little window which asks you for the image's URL. Just paste the URL into the box in the little window and its done!

When posting as an attachmentwhen you start apost and you'll see a little box with a "Browse" button beside it underneath the mainpost window. This enables you to browse for your image on your own PC and attach it to your post. If you do post as an attachment this board only allows filesup to 250400 bytes (that's 250kb) so not very big. Thusto get a reasonalbe image for others to critique, use the link option wherever possible.

Hope this explains it.

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Hi silver surfer,
Just follow the screenshot I've attached below, you pics need to be less than 250 K/Bytes in file size, 800 X 600 is a nice size to post, hope this helps. ... Jack
Attached Images
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Thanks guys,I now have the two methods to try. I think Picasa2 gives me this internet server (or whatever it is called) place to store my pics but first I am realising that my own system is chaotic, they arein 'my pics', Picasa and Olympus master and now, following advice on this forum the latest ones are in raw. not sure if Picasa can handle raw, also if I can upload them or must they be tuned up and then jpeged?

SoI will probably try the attach sytem first, back to MGI photo shop! SS
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You'll want to downsize an image to around 640 pixels wide first (I probably wouldn't go more than around 720 pixels wide). I'd save it as jpeg.

Make sure the file size is not too large either (I'd probably set the JPEG Quality slider at around 80% in most editors to keep the file size small enough). An image will need to be around 240KB or smaller to attach to a post here.

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Old Sep 15, 2007, 8:18 AM   #6
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Not sure if this is the best way to resize, but it sure is easy for posting on forums. While Windows Explorer (or MyComputer) is open, right click on the image and a drop screen pops up. One of the options is Resize Photo. I usually select medium which gives up to 800. This is using WinXP. Not sure if it is all versions of Windows.

If I'm resizing for a more important purpose, I use the resizer in PSE5.

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Thanks guys, I will start exploring all these options, i was right it, IS a great place for help and guidance, as the big guy said, "I'll be back" when I have tried a few ideas. Cheers, SS
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