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bilybianca wrote:
Fry has hatched! Now they'll be hanging in a thin slime thread for a few days and consume their yolk (is that the correct term in English, Penolta?) before they start to swim. Their parents will protect them, but still they are pretty chanceless in this environment.
Yes, that is the correct term -- You must be a proud poppa! Nice documentation of their breeding habits. Perhaps some will get big enough (or fast enough) before you leave to survive until you return from SA. Take the proper lenses this time so you can show us some of the wildlife (like those coastal terns)that are big enough to see! :blah:

Harriet, some do and some don't. Parental care in fishes is quite varied -- there are many species that build nests and guard their young, some even hold the eggs and very small young in their mouths until they are more advanced in growth, and many other variations. Most marine fish simply let their eggs float free in the plankton to be dispersed by ocean current, which is how they disseminate their species.
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