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pwithem Dec 15, 2007 6:33 PM

Has there been any new updates on the K20D, K200D status? My main reasoning is actually that I'm strongly considering a K10D at the insanely good price at buydig ($619 + no shipping cost - $100 rebate = $519). It sounds like the K200D yet to come will basically be a K10D, probably minus some of the clever buttons/features. Sounds like the K20D will just be the K10D + spec improvements. I'm trying to guess if the K200D will be priced lower or not. Either way, $519 is just so good.

Peacekeeper Dec 15, 2007 7:54 PM

I would get the K10D NOW. The rumoured announcement date is January 24th, no set release date.

With all the hype and so forth, I wouldn't expect to actually get your hands on one until mid 2008.


snostorm Dec 15, 2007 8:58 PM

Hi pwithem,

Unless high ISO IQ is a very high priority, I'd get the K10 now. It's hard to imagine a camera with the feature set of the K10 selling for that kind of money.

The rumored features of the K20 are more than a spec update tho -- new CMOS sensor 14+MP with significantly better high ISO than the Sony 10 MP CCD and a new processing pipeline onboard might not deliver what it seems to promise, but I'll certainly be taking a look. It's rumored to be in the $1400 USD range, so if that's not a possibility because of price, then the K10 should be pretty much a no-brainer.

My DS and K10 will take me easily into next summer, and hopefully the K20 will be thoroughly put through the wringer by that time by a bunch of users, and I'll be able to make a rational decision -- well maybe. . .


pwithem Dec 15, 2007 9:14 PM

Yeah, $1400 is definitely not my cup of tea. I assumed it would start at roughly the same price of the K10D this time last year. I can't imagine needing the 14 Mpixel sensor, although better ISO is always welcome. I think the question may be whether the K200 is going to be cheaper than the K10D is now. Although, I'm thinking the K200 will lack weather sealing among some other features. That K10 sure is sounding good....

2many Dec 16, 2007 1:19 PM

I wouldnt wait, at the price that buydigi and beach have it at now its a steal, I know mine is on the way, I sold my k100D but kept all my lenses cant wait for it to get here.

pwithem Dec 16, 2007 3:44 PM

Just went to a local Ritz shop today and lo and behold there was a k10d and k100d super. The price was of course not a deal at all ($800 after rebate!), but I asked to have a look at the k10d to see what it felt like. The man handed me the k10 and to my surprise began to tell me how bad of a camera it was and how much he didn't like it. I tried to keep a neutral face and asked him about each feature.

Man: "to me it just doesn't feel right in my hands, now the nikon d80, it feels right. The Pentax is just too big and clunky and slow; it's wider than the d80."
Me: "Slow? Big? Really?" (I physically hold the d80 above the k10d and compare widths. the k10d is an astonishing 0.5 cm wider by inspection. "Hmm, well it appears to be slightly wider, so umm, ok." I then compare height, and the d80 is at least 1 cm taller than the k10d. So I'm thinking, these cameras are about the same size, but if he has an issue of feel, he's certainly entitled to that opinion. I will say that the physical countours and the height/width ratios of the k10d make it seem larger, but when compared right next to the d80, they are essentially the same size. I was rather surprised at how light the k10d was. It really felt no heavier than my DS.
Man: "the pentax is built cheaply with lots plastic, very clunky. Now the nikons, they're solid; good metal construction. I've had so many warranty repairs on the pentax's. even the sony alpha has been recalled 4 times. Pentax is just not a dependable company; they've been out of business several times, and somehow always come back. "
Me: "but isn't the k10d weather sealed, wouldn't that be an indication of its solidness?"
Man: no response, other than even pentax diehards have had to come in for repairs.
Me: "oh, does the d80 do shake reduction?"
Man: "no, it does it through the lens, but the sensor-based SR that pentax does destabilizes the sensor".
Me: "ah, yes."
Man: "also, the d80 will use every lense ever made by nikon - every mount ever made and pentax can't do that."
Me: "oh, but I was told that pentax was backwards compatible with all of its lenses."
Man: "it can't use any of the screw mount lenses before the 70's, blah, blah, and blah".

I'd heard enough at that point. I'm sure the d80 is a fine piece of work, but he was pretty determined to prove that the k10d was a piece of crap - which is just not believable based on all i've read and heard. His opinion wasn't even based on field experience (other than picking it up and setting it down apparently), just outright prejudice.

bigdawg Dec 16, 2007 7:55 PM

I have never in 10 years had an intelligent discussion of cameras at a Wolfe's or Ritz camera store...And I mean that seriously....All sale and no knowledge...There may be an unbiased sales person at one but not at any I've gone to... Same for Wal-Mart..Comp USA...Circuit City...Best Buy....etc..etc... These are the one's I( have available to me...There is a locally owned camera store in Huntsville but I've gone there three times and haven't gotten more than a yawn from anyone there...No hello can I help you or is there anything I can do for you...The one time I asked about a Pentax K10D you would think he had just stepped in a cow pie from the sour look on his face!!


2many Dec 16, 2007 8:27 PM

bigdawg wrote:

There is a locally owned camera store in Huntsville but I've gone there three times and haven't gotten more than a yawn from anyone there...No hello can I help you or is there anything I can do for you...The one time I asked about a Pentax K10D you would think he had just stepped in a cow pie from the sour look on his face!!


I know that feeling, I have one local store here and they are stuck in the film era, of course that is not all bad. I have a Walmart and a Staples, but they dont stock anything worth looking at. The closest good store is 45 miles south and one about the same distance west. I have been too both and they are usually so busy you have to take a number or something to get waited on.

Thats why I really like this forum, there is a ton of knowledge out there and it is all honest and above board, no one is making any money here selling Pentax gear.

Peacekeeper Dec 16, 2007 9:00 PM

Hows this for astonishing!!!!

Popped in to see my favourite local camera store, chatted with the Nikon guy (a friend), he introduced me to their Pentax guy (new friend) and we had a bit of a chat.

Pentax guy - 30yrs of Photography, nice enough bloke, pushes Pentax and likes to tease the Nikon far so good.:cool:

Got talking about the K10D and he suprised me when he admitted he didn't know about the Multiple Exposure IN CAMERA mode on the K10D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock:

I had to demonstrate it to him in the shop. The look on his face...:blah:

He had to admit to spending too much time selling and not playing with this Pentax K10D.

Can't wait til his next K10D sale where he demonstrates the ME mode!:G

By the way he showed me the Richo Caplio point and shoot....Very interesting little camera with dull DSLR controls.

pwithem Dec 17, 2007 8:27 PM

I went to a ritz at a mall in the neighboring city and asked a guy there about the k10d and he thought it was a great camera. He even pointed out that a lot of the large scenic photographs on the wall around the shop were done by another guy there who uses a k10d. I told him about the guy at the other ritz who tried to downplay every k10d feature, and this guy said, "oh, yeah, he's nikon only."

I think what I found most irritating about the "nikon only guy" is not that he likes nikon above the others, or wants to sell the most expensive model, but that he tried to impose his narrow belief system on potentially unsuspecting customers, as if he's doing them some kind of service of enlightenment. There was no attempt to ascertain the needs of the customer, the price range, a system of lenses, or anything - it was just this you're wasting your time with anything that's not nikon kind of mentality.

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