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Just gave my k10d up for repair, the on-off switch didn't click into place anymore, and the AF only worked descent from f7.1 up. The guy behind the counter warned me that it would take at least 6 weeks before it would be returned (/fixed). Everything is still under warranty.(in Belgium its at least 2 years by law)

:GJust got a k20d as second body, ... the switch clicks, and the focus of my lenses is ... SPOT ON. (I'm lying I had to adjust the af a bit to the front for my sigma100-300)

First impressions of the k20d (for me)
  • doesn't look that much different from the K10d, if I wouldn't know what to look for I would think the only difference is the 20.[/*]
  • shutter sound is a bit more silent, and af seems to be faster.
  • images taken appear sharper on the screen. But I had my K10 on standard settings, so this might just be the reason.[/*]
  • possibility to adjust focus is amazing.[/*]
  • life view looks really like a gimmic, only funny thing is that you can see the shake reduction working.
So I'm hoping for some descent weather (not the downpour of the last days) so that I can go an check it really out.

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Hi Ronny

Congrats on the camera. Let us know your impressions.

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Congratulations Ronny!!

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Hi Ronny,

Congrats on the new body.

If you find the K20 as good as I feel it to be, it'll be your 2nd body only when you consider the order in which you bought the them. :-)

Hopefully, you'll get the K10 "hardware update" to v8.1 and both bodies will focus about the same (but you won't be able to adjust the K10).

Actually the downtime due to the weather is probably a good thing -- I found it takes a bit of time to get your brain wrapped around the different settings available on the K20 as opposed to the K10 despite the outward similarity.

Oh yeah -- I was also surprised myself really liking the bigger LCD and the 32x magnification in the review mode. These are things that I previously considered "gimmicky".

Looking forward to seeing some shots. I'm pretty sure you'll be impressed more than the differences in specs on paper would seem to indicate you should be.

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Congratulations, Ronny. Now I'm really jealous. Bet you won't be using the K10 when you get it back after using the 20.:-)

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Your first reactions mirror mine in many ways. I still haven't completely figured out all of the settings and what they all do - I've been pretty happy with the default settings (more or less). There's just so much to this camera, it'll take me a long time to try everything out and see what it all does. I know I only scratch the surface of its capability.

Its funny that I find myself using the K100 less and less - choosing to change lenses more rather than carry two cameras now.

Have fun learning all of the ins and outs with the new camera!
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