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Well, this is a really sad picture. I wanted to try out my M-28-200mm today so I went to a favorite spot for taking bird pics and thought I had a few good ones. I couldn't really see too well without my glasses on but, the sweat was just running down my face and forehead so I had to. After getting home and seeing them on the puter, I felt really bad for this one. At first I thought he was dressed for a formal dinner, then I realized that hey, that's no tux he's wearing, that's a plastic bag he has around his neck!:X Not only that but, he's also dragging around what looks like a feather attached with fishing line or something! The trash people throw out around the lakes here is pitiful. I'm getting really disgusted with some people! ( I use the term loosely) and I'm going to do something about it too. :ak47::ak47::ak47:


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It's amazing how much trash gets left around in what should be wilderness. I live in a small community surrounded by national forest. There's a really good sledding, and it's a popular spot for the "flatlanders" of SoCal to come up and enjoy the snow. I don't know what these people think - do they think there's some special vacuum cleaner that comes along every night and sucks up their trash? Or that it just disappears all by itself? It's sad, really.
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It is the same around here, the people from Minneapolis come here to the lakes to play on the weekends, throw trash in the lakes and on the shore, then leave and go back home.

It is amazing the lack of respect they have for the wilderness they leave the city for each weekend since they leave a bit of what they bring each time they go back.

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Old Jul 25, 2008, 12:17 AM   #4
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One of the really nice things about Germany is how clean it is. I once saw a guy out vacuuming his sidewalk! As for people who toss trash, its just a matter of selfishness, which is the root of all the evil in the world anyway. They don't want to have to take the extra effort to wait, or hold onto something to throw it away later. "Hey, I'm here to enjoy nature. I don't want to have to carry this bag around all day...and besides where are all the trash cans out here on Halfdome anyway?"
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That is heartbreaking to see. Makes you wonder what people think nowadays. Just brought up the memory of an oil spill in our inlet opposite the wildlife sanctuary I frequent. Damage was not extensive, but oil appeared in globs around the shore for quite a few months. And some species seem rather sparse this year. I appreciate your anger......Don
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Brings back memories of when I used to be into fishing - lost count of the number birds I removed line and hooks from (even risking injury removing a hook from a swan, while a mate was feeding it bait!!).

Always ended up going home with a bagful of discarded line etc.

The main problem is that unless you burn it or shred it, the stuff always ends up catching wildlife.


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Old Jul 25, 2008, 7:12 PM   #7
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I hate when this kind of stuff happens. The whole litter thing is a sad commentary on our society.

It isn't just kids, either. Here is another example. This pelican was flying a little strange but I didn't realize what the problem was till I got home and saw the line wrapped around him. Really sad.

I just got back from a vacation in Canada. Let me tell you, there is so little litter there it is noticable!


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I just got back from a vacation in Canada. Let me tell you, there is so little litter there it is noticable!

"So little litter there" Say that three times real fast! ha ha:G

You are absolutely right Dennis, don't know what we're going to do to curb this mess but, I'd love to be litter Police and catch some of these guys. They should get 500 hours community service time picking up trash around the lakes in this summer heat!
Thanks everybody for letting me vent…

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The County prisoners pick up the litter around here on a regular basis. They do a good job and enjoy the time out of lockup. We appreciate their efforts and I've always cautioned my wife and kids to not litter as it is sooo unsightly! Hope the big fellow is alright in the end!

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Many responsible people recycle their trash, but too many do not. We live in a throw-away society, and are throwing away our wildlife at the same time (from this and other causes). I can't tell you how many times I have seen things like this - fishing line, plastic six-pack holders, styrofoam cups, even rubber bands. Did you ever see a bird's feathers set on fire by a burning cigarette - or a barn set on fire by one carried in by a bird? I don't think people realize how many animals and birds are killed by their discards (if they even care). What is even worse is what is not seen - the carnage caused at sea by floating trash is unbelievable. Styrofoam cups, plastic bags, drift nets, long lines, spilled oil - the list is endless. Every time it rains around here, the beaches are littered with some of the urban trash that washed out to sea from drainage canals and "rivers". Who would know how many creatures -- sea turtles, seabirds, seals, sharks, porpoises and even whales -- die; they perish by the tens of thousands (collectively) each year at sea. Plastic bags and balloons are eaten by those that normally eat jellyfish (sea turtles, Ocean Sunfish, and others) and can't tell them from the real thing and die from GI obstructions, as do Albatrosses and other seabirds from ingesting styrofoam and other assorted flotsam. The list of objects recovered from the stomachs of sharks is endless. I could go on, but it is too depressing.
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