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A truly saddening subject.

When I was a kid there was a permanent campaign, with stickers, TV propaganda, school teaching e t c on "Keep Sweden tidy". Of course there were no fees for handing in garbage, and when you scrapped your car you were even paid for doing it. As school kids we were told stories with a morality, and we were sent out to pick up litter along the road sides which of course made usraving about the people who threw it there in the first place.

And it worked! Most people in my generation are very environment-conscious, and would never throw acandy wrapper on the ground.

But for some reason ("the state shouldn't raise children, that's a job for the parents") there's no such campaign any longer. When I tell the kids at school to pick up their litter, they say "ain't there staff for that?". In our homes we have advanced garbage fractioning programs ( I assort my garbage into seven different fractions for recycling) but the only clean placein town are the wastebins. And litter in the woods and fields are unfortunately nor rare at all.

Sorry about taking so much space and time, but my point is that the problem can be dealt with, if there is a political will to do so. Propaganda is not always an evil thing!And I think we as photographers have a big responsibility as consciousness-raisers. Thanks for bringing the subject up, GW.

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