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tnaskedov wrote:
Thanks for the compliment Ronny!

By the way, you live in a beautiful city. I met my wife in Bergen op Zoom (she's from Roosendaal) and the first cities we went to were Antwerp, Brugge, and Ghent. Love the little bar next to the church in the main square that has all of the religious figurines in it. Although, last time I was there the construction on the highway was a nightmare!

Nice black and whites of the Dawgs. You are in for a lot of fun with that camera...Think this while learning to use it....FREE FILM>>>>>That is all you need to remember then Play with it...Shoot at every setting possible with each lens to learn their sweet spots as all lens are different. Then remember this while shooting...HAVE FUN>>>...I'm pretty sure you will! Post what you shoot...Then the kind comments and recomendations from your brother and sister forum members will help you see what you might be able to do to improve...I post lots and like and need those responses. Not cruel comments but constructive criticism.....You will need that no matter how many books you read....You don't have to agree but they will give you differing viewpoints to ponder. Like I said ..Remember to have fun and play with the camera....FREE FILM>FREE FILM

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Like Dawg said, "Have Fun!"

You'd be suprised how much you can teach yourself just by following that one piece of advice!

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tnaskedov wrote:
I know you're in Hot Springs, do you have cool photos of the National Park? My wife and I were married in Yosemite and decided at that time to try and see them all. We're up to 14 in two years. Occasionally she has to go to Memphis for her job and I've thought I could go with and we could shoot over to see the park for a day or two.

By the way, I'm sure you're familiar with this. I'm dying to go out this weekend and take a thousand shots with the K10, but I have a baseball tournament...some timing, huh?
The irony is that I do very little shooting down in the National Park. We tend to not appreciate what we see every day. In recent years, the National Park Service has done a good job of restoring and reopening several of the bathhouses, such as the Quapaw shown below. One of the results of the renovation of the old downtown area that comprises much of the National Park is that the city has become an arts community, with a wide variety of national and international arts-related festivals, so if you make it this way, be sure to check the city's calendar of events.

One of the neatest places to shoot in this area is a botanical garden operated by the University of Arkansas. Depending on the time of year, that can be a "must-see" for a photographer. Should you make it over this way, let me know, and I'll try to help you with some ideas of places to shoot.

And yes, I do know about sports schedules interfering with ALL types of plans. I had to do PA for high school football last night and the state Senior Olympics this morning... kept me from a trip out into the woods.
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