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Page 91 of the K10 operating manual indicates how to display folders in the multi image display screen.

My questionsare

1.how do you set up folders in the first place?

2Once folders are set up how do you assign an image to a particular folder.

3 How do you delete a folder when it is no longer required?

Sorry if these are dumb questions but I am new to this and I only have the Manual as a reference.

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Not dumb questions. I've never thought about trying to put pictures in different folders, always have used the standard set-up where everything goes into the same folder. However, your question got me interested, so I looked up folder names in the manual. Page 196 indicates you have two choices - the standard (default) setting where your folder name is xxxPENTX and xxx stands for sequential numbers from 100 to 999.

The second option is where the folders reflect the date, so it would be in the form of xxx_MMDD - example 101_0615 for today.

I never think about it - it's easiest for me to have all of it go into one folder because I download my pictures right away and don't want to have to manage a whole bunch of different folders on my camera. My hard drive is hard enough to keep track of.
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And like mtngal never felt the need to, but vs just about everything else function on the K10D (with two function wheels and many buttons) that is something you actually have to go into menus for even on it.... never that interest considering how finger tip EVERTHING else is.... especially after the forst fimware upgrade that allowed P mode allowed to be one FW AP/SH and the other Exp Comp..... VERY powerful fast fingertip flipping... sec or two combo setting.... again vs digging in menues to set or unset.

Had LONG term need of that maybe more concerned.... or then again just the time to set it up and not likely to change.

Either you set it up BEFORE shooting or just sort it out AFTER/
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