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I decided I'd put this in a separate thread, since it is equipment related. I took a walk down our street and took this picture:

I took this with the K10 and the DA*50-135, one of Pentax's weather sealed lens. While I was out, a neighbor started off, only to have the foot of snow on the top of his car slide down his windshield, so I helped him clean it off, leaving the camera exposed to the snow that was falling.

When I got home, the camera looked like this (the snow had melted). Picture taken with the K100 and kit lens:

Just to make sure that everything is working, I took this picture through my upstairs window (K10, DA*50-135).

Camera is still working. Love the weather sealing on the K10 - it gives me confidence to play in the snow with it.
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I doubt I would have tested mine that way, but its good to know it will hold up, and those are outstanding shots as well.

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Weather sealing is a very very nice featue, Harriet. Why don't you go for that DA* 300 mm?:-)

Really, it's comforting to see what weather you are in just now. But it's more photogenetic than ours. We have a January snow storm rightnow, just without the snow. The tub is filled with water in preparation for a power cut off, and the dogs bring the garden clay with them inside and up into the bed everytime they've been out to have a leak... (You know, when the first one was a puppy we were very strict not to let it into bed. For the whole first week... When we got the second one, that battle was already lost.8))

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Great shots, Harriet. I've gotten mine a little wet in light rain with no problems, but nice to see an extreme test such as you've given the camera and lens.

The shot out your window is beautiful. There are times when snow would be nice.

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Old Jan 25, 2008, 4:29 PM   #5
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Your place is looking more like here.

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That is quite an endoresement of the weather sealing capabilities. Not sure I would have done that especially with that lens!!

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One of the things I really enjoy doing is taking snow pictures, especially while snow shoeing. I always worried when I would carry the DS, but it never stopped me from doing it. Its the main reason I wanted the K10 when they first came out with it, so I'm delighted that the K10's weather sealing works well for my purpose. I wouldn't jump in a swimming pool with it, but it seems to be fine for snow.

Jay - that's really the only lens I have that I would do this with - the DA*50-135 is also weather sealed. This is the first time I've had an opportunity to test the two together and it seemed to work quite well.

Kjell - I was all for keeping our dog off the bed, but my hubby thought it was cute to have him on the bed when he was just a golden ball of fluff as apuppy. To the day he died (50 pounds heavier than he had been), he thought the bed was his - he would end up having 2/3 of the bed, while we humans would get only a couple of inches.

Paul - Thanks for the compliments - that view is what makes the daily long commute worth it.

Ira - I did think about your pictures when we got home. The main difference between the two locations is that your snow stays all winter. Ours will be a memory in a few days (they are talking about rain tomorrow evening, which could melt quite a bit of it). The snow doesn't hang around long enough to get tired of it all.
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