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Hi All,

Saw this -- thought you might be interested




Looks like the same sensor, still penta-mirror, added Dust Removal and SDM lens support, 2.8 fps burst for 5 shots jpeg Best, Auto Sensitivity to ISO3200, same batteries. I'm not that familiar with all the K100 specs, but everything else seems the same.

Personally, I'm happy with the upgrade, not having liked the rumors about it being 10MP. The DR is more important to marketing than as an actual feature, but SDM lens support is very important, IMO. Hopefully the price will be about the same. . .

Now if it only had TTL flash support, I'd probably retire the DS and get one . . .

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snostorm wrote:
The DR is more important to marketing than as an actual feature
Actually for non sticky dust the DR often does work.... in my experience with the 10D... especially if you catch it right away, certainly better than nothing if you aren't packing a blower, and even then if in a windy environment might let in more.

Actually what I think they have done, is rather than making 2 SR systems they have put bthe 10D SR system into the 100D. (I am pretty certain they were different)

I'd bet when stock is gone all there will be is the 100D Super (maybe then just 100DS) and the low sales 110D may just go away.
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Interesting. Not enough for me to upgrade my cameras, but still interesting. I might be interested in the flash they announced, though - something pttl and reasonably priced. I'm not much on flash, but might look at this when it comes out.
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