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After a surfering shoot, I had this crazy idea in my head to go into the water to get more level shots of the surfers. Reason I ask this is because I want to get the surfers as they catch some air; photographing from the pier just doesn't get me the air I want to capture.

Does anyone know of any good underwater enclosures that I can use with the K100D? Ideally I'd like to use my Sigma 70-300mm DG APO lens with it, but I think the lens would be too large for any enclosure.

I'm not planning on going underwater. I just don't want to get my camera wet in the surf.

- Jason
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I saw one a while back on a blog. I can't remember what it was called but it was 1) from germany and 2) custom-made

Or you can try those waterproof bags they sell
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A quick google search and it looks like it may be possible


I know it is UK, but you must have this sort of thing in you area.

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I purchased an underwater pouch for my Pentax Optio and used it under water. The pouch was water tight with no leaks. However, I founf it a bit difficult to use for several reasons:

1. Because of the trapped air. the pouch w/camera tended to want to rise (float)to the surface.

2. It was difficult to see through the view finder, as well as the LCD screen. I took several shots which turned out to be just water and sand! Also, when you are in the water, it is difficult to be still due to the current and waves. Of about 50 pictures, I got 3 keepers (sample attached)

3. It was difficult to operate the controls (zoom and shutter) through the flexible platic housing.The problem described in #1 above did not help either! This may be less of an issue with a larger SLR camera.

Having said all of this, since you are not planning on going into the water with it, a pouch is an economical alternative to a dedicated housing which I understand can cost many time the price of the camera.


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