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I have both the K100 and the K10, sold my DS when my hubby got me the K10. I sometimes regret selling the DS over the K100 because it's a lighter camera and since I often have two cameras, the lighter weight is worth quite a bit to me. It doesn't make much difference which camera I use at ISO 800 and below (you can see my ISO 800 picture I took last night with the K10 - I use it quite often). If I have both cameras I'll leave the 300 lens on the K10 - having the extra mp helps for birds etc. but for other things,it's more a case of which lens happens to be on which camera, rather than when I had the DS (I left the kit lens on it for wide-angle where I wouldn't need SR as much).

I posted a thread quite a while ago comparing the K10 and K100 at ISO 1600 and 3200 (K100 only). The K10 is useable at 1600 if you overexpose a bit (limits noise better) but the K100 is definitely better. I don't use 3200 - it's there if I have to use it, but I find the noise makes the picture fall apart too much for my taste.
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never really had a problem with up to 800 iso

just that artical i was reading got me wondering if it would be better to set the resolution at 6mp when shooting at 800 + iso
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I don't think that setting your camera to 6mp will help (but it's any easy test). One of the sources of noise is related to the physical size of the pixels on the sensor. Since the K100D and K10D have the same sensor size, the K100D has larger pixels. All other things being equal, larger pixels mean less noise. But your K10D sensor's pixel size is fixed. When you change the setting to 6MP the image is resized electronically, so you don't benefit from the superior noise characteristics of a larger pixel size.
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Have had the DS for about 1-1/2 yrs-will never sell it. Just got the K10D and haven't used it enough to comment. Bought it for the build quality-built like a tank compared to the DS. Use the DS for everyday shooting & will use the K10 for weddings. The current pricing for the K10 was so low I couldn't pass it up-probably never have another chance to get this quality for $650.00 after rebate.
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