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Hi everyone

I've been lurking a bit, finally registered. While not a newcomer to photography (my first cameras were an Aires Penta-35, Voightlander Vitessa, and Fuji ST801...went on to Canon FD equipment: AE-1, A-1, T90), I just recently picked up a K10D w/ kit lens.

I'm curious as to what K10D users are using as their base settings. Right now I'm doing jpegs only, until I can find Linux software to handle RAW. Anyway, it seems to me that the in-camera jpegs could stand some improvement. What do you have your sharpness, contrast, etc. set to, for average subjects? Do you ever use the MTF program-line setting?

More questions to come, I'm sure. :?

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Since I have a DS and not a K10D, and only shoot RAW, I can't help you with your questions.

Nevertheless I want to seize the opportunity to be the first to welcome you to the Friendly Pentax Forum!

Sooner rather than later someone will chime in to help you with your questions.

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I'm another one that shoots raw the vast majority of the time. When I do shoot jpg I tend to use the regular default settings because I prefer to use Photoshop for sharpening and other post processing.

I tend to use the default program line. For a while I was playing around shooting sports, so I changed it to emphasize shutter speed, but changed it back when I found myself doing more macro things. I haven't tried the setting that emphasizes DOF because I think the default is a good compromise. If I want something specific I change the aperture myself.
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Hi DD,

I shoot 99% jpeg with the K10, and have gone through a number of setting preference phases. I'm currently shooting at Natural Mode, 0 sharpness, -1 saturation, and +1 contrast, but that too might change.

I used to use Bright Mode for its one shot boost for the sharpness, saturation, and contrast, but eventually found that I didn't quite like some of the choices that the camera's processing engine made, so I went back to Natural, and close to the defaults on each of the processing parameters, choosing to process for these effects in PP where I have some degree of control.

The reasoning behind 0 sharpness is that the K10 processor emphasizes the dark in boosting contrast for sharpness, and this sometimes creates a dark outline for some subjects that I can do without.

The -1 saturation is to tone down the "electic" colors of CA an PF -- I can't really get away from these in my concentration on birding, with the long teles (usually shot wide open or close), TCs, and unavoidable high contrast shooting conditions. I find it easier to correct for the color aberrations with this setting. I also usually like my colors a bit muted anyway compared to the "pop" that most seem to like, and can always boost the saturation after correcting for CA and PF.

The +1 contrast keeps the whole thing from coming out too flat -- it was pretty much a matter of finding this from experimentation and personal preference (which I guess this all is. . .).

In PP, I usually just crop to print size and sharpen a little using Focus Magic at a low setting, and/or PSPs Hight Pass sharpening at low to moderate settings.

I generally use the default program line and shoot in Aperture Priority to control DOF or keep the shutter speed as high as possible.

I doubt that many share my preferences in this, so take it for what it's worth. . .

. . . and welcome to the forum!

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Old Nov 24, 2007, 1:18 PM   #5
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When I had my K10D I shot 50% RAW and jpg and I used the default settings for jpg. Now that I am back to my DS, I shoot 90% jpg and still used the default settings, using CS2 for any PP I feel needs to be done.

I find that RAW didn't really get me much more sharpness if any and it was only usefull to me to modify exposure issues, which the K10D seemed to have quite often. The DS on the other hand seems to be dead on with exposure using jpg, so I rarely use RAW with that camera.

That said, I don't have any APS format lenses other than the kit lens and only use FA*, FA, and A* lenses, which the K10D didn't seem to like as much as the DS does.

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Thanks for the the replies, everyone! And thanks for the welcome, Kjell, I appreciate it.

I figure that the K10, like any new and complex piece of software, is going to take a fair amount of playing around with it, to see how it behaves. So, experimentation seems to be the order of the day!

I have noticed that the K10 doesn't have one feature that I just loved on my Canon T90, namely the ability to make multiple spot-meter readings over the scene. But, it's my understanding that no other camera has offered that ability since. Pity. Ah well. Of course, the T90 didn't have matrix metering, so I guess it's a trade-off.


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