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In my decision process, I have reviewed the manual for the K10D. It looks to me in using the P mode (HyperProgram), I can change the Shutter Speed OR the Apeture Opening by using the respective e-dials.

On first glance it looks like the eliminates the need for Tv and Av modes on the dial. Then I noticed that you can adjust sensitivity settings (ev) from Tv and Av; no mention of this in the P section.

Is this the only difference?

My old xd11 in AP or SP modes would override the setting made and step up or down the setting you choose if that was the only way to meet exposure goals. Limiting at times, it forced you to change to manual mode. It looks like the K10D will still let you take that picture from P mode without you having to change modes.

This is what I am looking for; the ability to let my creative impression dictate the exposure when I want to. Is this typical with the K10D's competitors in the DSLR non-pro arena?
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Hi xd11lover,

I don't know if I'll answer the questions, but here goes.

Hyperprogram mode allows the user to change the aperture or shutter speed to meet the user's requirements, but only within the program line. In other words, you put your trust in the camera metering the frame correctly, and you can get more or less motion blur, or more or less DOF, but the exposure value remains essentially the same. You can, on the K10 alter the program line to prefer higher shutter speeds, increased DOF, or maximize sharpness and contrast according to the MTF info the lens passes (for this mode, you have to be using a lens that passes this info to the body -- in Pentax lenses, that probably means an FA, FA-J, or DA series lens, but it might include some F lenses. I don't know about 3rd party lenses).

You can get Ev compensation in P mode, but you have to go through the menus and choose to program one of the e-dials to do so. The other dial will then go up and down the program line, changing both the aperture and shutter speed simultaneously. You will not get the fine adjustment to either that you can get using Av or Tv modes tho.

The K10 also allows for (Sv) senitivity preferred automation, where you control the ISO sensitivity with one e-dial, and the other will move you up and down the program line, and TAv, where you choose a shutter speed combination and the camera chooses the ISO sensitivity.

Truth be told, I'm pretty much an Av priority shooter, and only briefly tried the other modes, but I get what I need primarily from choosing the aperture, and using Ev compensation as needed. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure most users find a mode that they are comfortable with and just stick with it, but I'm relatively certain that no other DSLRs, at least anywhere close to the price range offer as many choices for exposure modes.

However, I'm also sure that any DSLR will offer enough control over exposure parameters to allow for just about anyone's creativity.

I try not to be too familiar with the pro model DSLR specs and features, or else I'd probably be plotting in the back of my mind on how I might pull off affording one (not to mention the lenses I'd need to make a system). . . just like I don't even try out the newest computers lest I get too impressed by the speed and start looking down on my not so obsolete one. . .:-)

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Thanks. I did not see that nuance (Hyper P mode dials for apeture and shutter) and Shutter / Apeture Priority the other with EV useable on the other dial. Thanks for the clarification. Like lots of things, hindsight is 20/20.

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I'm old fashioned and use the Manual mode most times because I tell it what to do and it does as I tell it...I've found with most automated exposure systems the camera was set up to someone elses Idea of their perfect exposure...I like to shoot below that level and PP it to where I want to go...Coming from film this is so nice to be able to do that I believe I'm on a power trip and one day will come down and allow the camera to do it's thing...But for right now Manual is my most often used way of shooting...This way I'm in total control all the time....Plus I like using all those old lens....They just feel different ...The quality is in the heft for me....Not the only way and more than likely not the fastest or easiest way but it is in the end my way...All DSLR's and most lenses for them allow this! Nuff sed from an old Foggey! Have lots of fun exploring...I did and finally ended up doing it Manual.

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