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snostorm Jul 24, 2008 7:35 AM

cmiller wrote:

Hi - I registered purely to take part in this post as I Googled - K10D and tilt. This is because I have exactly the same problem as the original poster and I think it is very serious indeed. I know that I have a well trained eye and have always been very careful about lining up my images and never had any issue before with film cameras or another DSLR I have used. But this is chronic - almost everything is tilted and by a fair amount - I have to correct every photo and that should not be the case. This is such a serious defect I am considering abandoning the whole brand and moving to Canon - which I never wanted to do.
Hi cmiller,

Have you checked this on a very steady tripod using a remote or the shutter delay? Tilts (down to the right especially) can be caused by shutter actuation technique. Another possibility is that since SR corrects rotational "shake" in addition to vertical and horizontal, that your sensor might not lock in perfect alignment. Have you also tried this with SR off? Do others have the same problem? Have someone else take some careful shots and if theirs aren't tilted, it may be a fault in your technique.

I'm personally horrible at aligning horizons, rarely getting it right, even when I try. I've learned to rely on PP straightening on the few shots where it makes a difference. Luckily, this isn't critical in 99.99% of my shots.

Sensor alignment seems to have been a problem with some K10s, but AFAIK, Pentax corrected this under warrantee in the cases I've hear of. If, after careful testing, you feel this is an issue with your copy of the camera, send it in with some of your test samples and I'm pretty confident that Pentax will be able to take care of it.


bilybianca Jul 24, 2008 11:51 AM

Not that it solves your problem, but let me tell you about my recent experience. Today I discovered thata Swedish computer magazine runs a photo contest on "Summer" with a K20D as 1staward and a K200D as second. You can submit as many pictures as you want, and you can vote 1 to 10 on all contributions once you have submitted a contribution yourself. When I happen to see a picture with the horizon aligned I give it a 5for that only. So far I have graded about twohundred contributions, and two or three actually have the horizon levelled! It's not a pro contest, for sure!


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