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I've got a case of CBA and a case of LBA, and I don't know which one to solve first.

In terms of CBA, I'm once again stuck between the K10D and the lower model; this time it's the K100D Super. I already own the K100D. My main reason for upgrading is SDM, which explains the LBA later on. However, everytime I go to the beach to photograph surfers, I always wonder if I need the weatherproofing of the K10D. The thought crossed my mind again as some water droplets touched the camera when I was photographing oncoming waves. The K100D survived all these brushes with nature, needing nothing more than a puff of air from a blower. Cost is a concern (although the price of the K10D is dropping to something that's much more obtainable).

Ironic that cost is a concern for the CBA, but I'm gung ho for getting a DA* lens. I really want the DA* 300mm F4; Pentax's roadmap shows a tentative release date of Sep. 2007, but who knows when it will really come out. Therefore, I decided to consider the DA* 16-50mm f/2.8, as I do occasionally photograph in that range.

With all these potential buys, I'm not sure which to pursue first. Once I buy one, I'll need at least 4 months before I'm able to buy the next item. I could buy the K10D and have some piece of mind in terms of dust issues, but that won't be alleviated until I complete the system with a weatherproofed lens. I could get the K100D Super and save some money, but still have that lingering dust concern. On the other hand, I could get the DA* lens and enjoy the high-quality glass, but the SDM and weatherproofing would be useless on a K100D; there's also the hope that camera prices will drop more as I recoup my losses.

Someone give me some insight before my head explodes with all these decisions!

- Jason
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You already have a camera, So I would go for the lenses. The camera is the cheapest part of the system. That is the way I would go.

If you buy the camera you still need or want the lenses. So the final choice would be yours. The question should be " Do I really need a new camera or do I need the lenses"?

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I'm not going to make things easier for you. I've been using the DA*50-135 on the K100 for most of last week because of my elbow problems. It works great, and the focus seems to be more accurate using the in-camera motor than it was using the SDM with the K10. Not sure the K100 Super makes any sense in your situation.

On the other hand, the K10 is getting reasonably priced. I wouldn't be surprised if Pentax releases it's replacement/update around Christmas time, perhaps further lowering the K10's price. And that would be well worth looking at.
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Currently own a DS with a few lenses. Last week I ordered a K10D-not here yet but should be this week. After the $50.00 rebate it will end up about $665-the K100D Super is supposed to be around $500-IMHO the K10D was worth the extra $$.
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