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I own the K10 and I love it for the most part. A few little niggles bother me, but in general it's a damned fine camera. That being said there are two reasons I'd go with the D200 Nikon. As others have said you already have Nikon glass and it would be silly to change considering the differences. The D200 is one hell of a camera.

Second with all the turmoil surrounding Pentax at the moment, Hoya buying them out and all, it might be wise going with a more stable company for the time being. Personally I have way too much Pentax glass to switch, but considering whats happening if I was just starting out I'd go Nikon anyway.
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Oh, also something I forgot to mention:

The main reason I'm sticking with Pentax is the ability to use really old glass on it, and get automatic exposure with 'em. Even with old screwmount lenses. The user-friendlyness and compatibility is is just great.

This is where Nikon lets off a bit. If you want to use old glass on a Nikon, it'll have to be Nikkors or other glass in Nikon mount, you can't adapt anything else due to the longer register distance.
That being said, I have a few old Nikon lenses laying around, and might eventually buy a (cheaper) Nikon DSLR alongside my Pentax gear...they do make great cameras, also very user-friendly.

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Wow! Thanks for the great input from everybody here. I was quite surprised that there were so many helpful replies from Pentax users, and especially that you all pretty much unanimously agreed.

After thinking about it some more and taking everything into consideration, I think I'm going to go with the D200 for the reasons mentioned. I will miss the in-body SR though and the lighter weight.

I will go to Big Camera (name of a big camera store in Japan) this weekend and try both cameras again and make my final decision before getting a camera.

Thank you all again for your tips and recommendations.
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vIZnquest wrote:
My shooting style for action shots and lots of them was in need of something else. The buffer and FPS is small and slower than the Nikon D200. Simply put I can fire off at will and not have the same issues I was having with the Pentax. The AF system is much quicker as well.
Could you be a little more precise in that.... you still talking the 100D/*ist in that statement.... or the 10D?

I have never outshot my 10D in high res JPG, and even RAW goes 9+ before buffer offload mandatory and that can depend much on card speed at that point allowing more as well as buffer.

I'd also agree with the others good amount of Nikon glass probably stick with it.

I switched from orig Canon Rebel (300D) to Pentax K10D, but only had three Canon lens.... and because of the poplarity easy to sell off at a reasonable price and one I kept with the Rebel I still have, as a back up/2nd body.... It was far too used to without guilt sell to anyone for more than it is still worth to me..... 45K+ frames shot. Bought used and assuming seller was honest and never reset the frame counter.

Then again they only have 3 basic and easily resalable lens at the moment too.
Though I now have a dozen Pentax lens mostly old/used.... but that market resale will no time soon go away.... in fact with 100/10Dpopularity blossoming.... old glasses has escalated significantly on EBay in the past few months.
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Old Jun 29, 2007, 6:48 AM   #15
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I had D50 and bought K10D never happy withAF system (with Sigma 17-70mm). Now I bought D200 and happy again (with Sigma 17-70mm).

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vIZnquest wrote:
I have the D200 and not the K10D. I have the K100D and ist DS. Since you already have Nikon glass I would stick with that system. I went with Pentax based on price and backward compatibilty with older lenses.

My shooting style for action shots and lots of them was in need of something else. The buffer and FPS is small and slower than the Nikon D200. Simply put I can fire off at will and not have the same issues I was having with the Pentax. The AF system is much quicker as well.

The D200 also has weather sealing and the flash system is second to none. The ability to use commander mode already built into the camera is a great feature for me. The Nikon CLS is just simply the best that there is as of now. Your interest in portrait shooting lends to Nikon being a better choice due to CLS.Check into that before you buy.

Four memory bankswhere I have a P&S, Landscape, Portrait and Action settings. All saved in my camera ready to go.

The K10D keeps up and possibly surpasses the D200 in other styles of shooting but I can't really say that since I have not taken one on for a spin or purchased one. I optedfor a second D200 body instead and in trade for my teaching beginning digital photography for a local camera dealer I was able to get some niceNikkor glass.

The K10D can be had for$794 US at BHPhoto.
The first paragraph highlighted in my original post should answer your question. I bought the D200 before the K10D was even out. The ist DS and K100D which I do own is what I was referring to. I will admit I am a bit crazy for having two systems but I wanted a camera that could do what the D200 does that the other two couldn't.

The FPS and buffer between the two made for many shots I missed waiting for the buffer to clear out. I don't shoot raw for that reason as far as sports.

Any camera can shoot sports type shots. The D200 is just a better tool for me to use for my preferences. Also, Nikon's 80-200mm AFD 2.8 glass is hard to match. Sigma makes a 70-200 HSM 2.8 for Pentax but at about the same price. I opted for a lense with a long track record for being an excellent lens and 5fps vs. 2.8fps.

If the K10D were out sooner than the D200 it could be possible that there would not be this post.
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