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xd11lover Dec 19, 2007 1:28 PM

Still investigating (K10D vs. E510) etc...

Read the K10D manual, just want to make sure I did not misunderstand it.

Seems I can edit a RAW file to change the exposure parameters (pixel count, conversion quality, WB, ISO, tone, saturation, sharpness contrast), as well as apply filters. Can this be done anytime or must it be done when the picture desired is the most recent (just) taken? The manual does indicate this new picture will be saved as a new [JPEG, I presume] picture.

The manual indicates I canrotate a picture after taking it (again the last one taken and not an earlier picture). Is this just for viewing, or can it be saved in the new alignment? Am I wrong about the rotation for last one taken only? I presume if the auto rotation is set the camera determines if the camera is rotated and stores the picture shot in the proper alignment.

Finally, the manual refers to allowing the picture to be magnified up to 20 times and allowing a scroll to the location of interest. Can I save the resulting image (as displayed on the display), or is this for viewing?

Please advise. Getting close to decision time.

robar Dec 19, 2007 2:08 PM

you'll find that a graphics program is much better and faster. i don't see how anyone could develore a raw image on a 2.5'' screen, even if you enlarged it 20 times.


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