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If I put a formated 2GB card in, my camera display tells me I have 413 pictures available. This is pretty close to what the table in the manual shows for 10M, three stars. On a couple of occassions I haven't really kept track of my shots but exceded the alloted 413. Yesterday was one of those occasions. The camera said I had (appox. numbers) 82 images left but when I downloaded the card I had alreadytaken 790+ pictures. I did check the picture sequence and indeed nearly 800 shots.Anyone else notice this? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Hi Rob

I may have some help for you.

The daft thing with Photosgraphs in the digital age is how much space(memory) they take up. You often see approx figures quoted for how many 10 mega pixel pictures will fit on a card of 1, 2 or even 4 gb thjese figures are guidlines only. YOur camera will also giude you as to many pics will fit on the card, again this is only a generic guide.

The memory required for each photo is entirely dependant on the colour range in the shot, objects etc, the more complex a shot is ie a crowd of people at a concert for example could take up more memory than say a picture of a bunch of uniform trees taken at late dusk.

There is no real world guidline im afraid, and in my experience ive quite often got more pictures on a card than the stated quote, and on a few occasions ive got less.

Im not a scientist and can not easily say how many pics will fit on any given card, al I can say is, have a spare card with you just incase.

Sorry if this answer isnt helpful, but i really wouldnt worry too much about it, JPEG sizes can have quite a range on them but then again so can RAW files.

Just enjoy shooting:|


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Thanks very much Goth! Still in the very early learning stages and had no clue a simple shot used less MP's than a complex one. Will be looking at this in the future and must say I would never have figured this out without asking. Thanks again!!!
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