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mtngal wrote:
I almost always shoot raw, but I've found the jpg pictures rather pleasant. It is much easier to add a bit of sharpening in software than it is to take it out if the camera puts too much in.
And exactly why when a sot I think a shot RAW may benifit and the 10D's capabilty of RAW + JPG.... (and give the HUGE size of RAW... theauto +JPG is little added over head, even as max res.

JPG good enough OK, and then again 10D also one buttton on demand capability.... vs EVERY shot just in case.

And again the one bitton/even one shot choice of that.... vs all you MUST put it in that mode exclusively.
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Dal1970 wrote:
I think you will find that the button layout is the same on both cameras. However the Samsung buttons are flat to the body, whilst the Pentax ones are slightly raised.

As to the menus, that is a matter of taste.

I would also add that the vertical grip (which I bought recently) is only available for the Pentax.
The battery grip is available for the Samsung.

This may be, to some, a bonus of Samsung in the electronics field but Pentax has spent a long time in the camera world.
True, which is why the GX-10 is 95% Pentax K10D with Samsung improving where they thought they could.

To me, tactile buttons beat flat ones, as you can feel them without looking at them, plain menus are better than fancy ones (I just want to read them quickly, not admire them) and the vertical grip is a big plus. I had never used one before, always adopting the traditional pose of the right hand above the head, but the grip really makes the camera balance and feel comfortable, especially in the landscape position.
Buttons are of course a matter of taste but I like the Samsung's as they are larger and uniform. They also have grooves so there's no problem feeling the buttons. The menus in the Samsung aren't fancy, just easier to look at (better colour scheme.
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Heybenjikan wrote:
wagaboo wrote:
Hi all.
I am thinking of buying the K10D and was looking for users and their opinions of this cam, my friend Dawg has pretty much sold me on it though....any input is appreciated and thanks alot.
It is quite the performer. I generally use it for anything that will be published in magazine format.

Hey Ben!

Fancy meeting you here. :blah:

As for the question at hand. I know it's old but I feel like I have to say something, so I'll say this.

Pentax rocks, and DSLRs rock. No reason to ever be hessitant with that choice. Only real question is; Which DSLR is right for me?

It's kinda like beer and soda. We all know beer is better, we all just don't like the same brand/style.
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Hi Tim,
I love my K10, it's the first slr I have owned and it is a beauty, the only thing I think it needs is a "flagging" system.

It needs to warn me of TO PUT THE BATTERY BACK IN IT BEFORE I RUN OUT THE DOOR. I would call this the SOB warning system, Silly Old Bar .... you know!

Great camers, sob's not withstanding!


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