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Alex 007 Nov 22, 2007 6:27 AM

Hello to all "Pentaxians Gurus"!

Today my Son, changed the Raw Therapee towards the Raw Shooter 2006 1.20 Ver.68...(seems me that last FREE one!, before Adobe acquired this Danish software & change it to "Lightroom").

With my first DSLR a KM 7D can open the RAW of the Minolta, BUT...BUT...with my newer 2007 acquired Pentax K10D... NOT!.

Exist any way to add at least for me the "DNG" Raw to this extremely fast Raw converter (Comparing it with my yesterday used's so big improvement in fast response...WOW! + easier to comprehend how to use it).:?

Thanks in advance for your good will with me!:cool:


Alex 007:|

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