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To answer the first question which is asked. I do not think the KF is a sharp picture :sad:
It may depend on how large an image you are preparing it for. It is true the eyes and toes could use more sharpness, butoverall sharpeningwould lose the pleasing texture that the slight softness provides to the breast feathers. At arms length from my 19" Sony LCD the unsharpness requires magnification or closer examination to be really noticeable.
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Sharp or not, those are beautiful pictures! Besides when you have a shot that is as pleasing to the eye as those two of the KF are, sharpness is really not a big deal.

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The original is sharp enough for me at full sizebut after pp and making it smaller and doing my sharpening I am loosing something. I cannot get it the way I want it.

So you are right it depends where you need it for.

regards Walter
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You see, I am just not sure ...

... ae these shots merely "Wow!" or are they "Absolutely amazing"? :-)

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i love the colours of the kingfishers
excellent captures
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Old Nov 16, 2007, 7:30 AM   #16
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ToXiQ, I can only concur with all of the above.

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