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bluwing Dec 8, 2006 4:04 PM

Hi Non,

I had a Backpack and I DIDN"T like it all! I always felt like my lenses where going to fall out whenever I opened it. I prefer my shoulder bag. I rarely use the shoulder strap, I carry it by the handle.


nhmom Dec 8, 2006 9:51 PM

I have been trying to find the Slingshot AW100 so I can determine if it will be the right size for me. But, can't find anyone locally who has it in stock. I've been looking for months.

I have a K100 with 18-55 lens, 50-200 lens, two lens hoods, extra batteries, odds and ends like lens brush, wipe cloth, USB cord, tripod mount, etc. I plan on eventually getting a flash. And, am getting some filters for Christmas.

Unless I opt to buy another lens (or two) will the 100 be spacious enough? Is there space to put the manual? My current shoulder bag is similar to mtngal's in shape and size and no place to put the manual.

Oh, and another question. I don't know if this will bother me or not. I usually carry straps (purse, camera, etc) on my left shoulder. I notice in all the photos it goes over the right shoulder. Can you switch the shoulder it goes over? Or, are the straps permanently attached to the bag on specific corners?


Black Knight Dec 8, 2006 10:43 PM

Hi nhmom

Lets See. I could not Find the AW100 locally. So i ordered it from Amazon and Figured i Could return it If push came to Shove.
To Answer your Question about the Manuel. I'm Not sure as I cannot Find mine at this moment.
However, I have in my Bag the DS with the Pentax 28-105mm Attached. On One Side
I have the 18-55kit Lense and the FA50-1.4. On the other Side i have the Sigma 70-300. all have the lense hoods attached. I also have 5-1 Gig cards and 5 extra sets of battterys. In the top Compartment I carry My Sigma EF-500 DG St flash and a spare set of CRV-3. I Dont carry any cables and Leave my manuel At home.
I Adjust what I carry in the bag based on What I intend to shot and Where. If I am away from Home I Leave One of my lenses or flash and put In my Cleaning kit. The Greatest thing about this bag is the All weather Cover. It Stores Flat under the back and takes no space. Just lift the velcro at the bottom and Pull It out


Edit-Sorry Straps are permently attached to the Corners So It goes over your right Shoulder and pulls down over the left.

nhmom Dec 8, 2006 11:28 PM

Thanks, Black Knight. Sounds like this bag will definitely fit my needs. I may just end up doing as you did and order online. Figuring I can return it if it doesn't.

Are you worried about a power outage? I thought I was going overboard carrying two extra sets of batteries (once I get my rechargeables). That's another thing I still need to buy.Too many things going on right now.

bper Dec 8, 2006 11:46 PM

Hi nhmom - I was able to compare both the 100 and 200 slingshot at a camera store in Seattle on a trip over Thanksgiving there. The 200 is a pretty large bag, I would say as big as many backpack bags and you can get a lot of equipment in it. I have decided I want the 100 and have about the same amount of equipment you have. It should handle that much with no problem. I don't have any really big lenses. The M28 and two M50's don't take much room and have no lens hoods. I have the DA18-55 and hope to have a DA50-200, these have hoods, but they canbe reversed for storage, so don't take a lot of room either. If you have any large lenses, then the 200may be better. They are really neat bags though. I would almost bet themanual would fit flat on top ok even with the100- Bruce

PS - I carry one set of Everyready Lithiums AA'sas my backups. These are usually good for about 800-1000 shots,if needed and they handle the cold welland don't discharge with age.

inneyeseakay Dec 9, 2006 12:06 AM

Well... I went to the thrift store today and picked up a nice briefcase for two bucks, but it was locked w/ no combonation. So I toyed with it for a few minutes after getting it to my car and within 10 minutes had it opened. I went by the craft store and picked up a 27" x 77" x 1" sheet of high density foam ($6)and have started putting together a briefcase style camera bag. I have most of the cutouts done, but I need a thinner sheet of foam for the bottom and top of the bag. I will definately post pictures when it is completed. Thanks for all the encouragement and advice.

nhmom Dec 9, 2006 12:31 AM

Thanks, bper. I'm jealous you got to see them in person. Well, soon enough for me. I think I'll look around online this weekend and order one.

If the manual is online in *.pdf I could always load it to my PDA. Will have to check into that.

Monza76 Dec 9, 2006 1:26 AM

I think I am on hold regarding camera bags. Right now I have:

Nova 2 - on loan to my oldest son Minolta 7000 with three lenses and a flash.
Nova 3 - used by my wife for the Fuji S7000 with flash, charger and filters
Nova 5 - this holds all of my flash gear, two slave strobes with sockets and clamps, light stand brackets for shoe mount flash units (2), extra lenses.
Micro Trekker - this backpack holds my camera and the lenses I usually carry

Zoom Toploader - I use this when all I need is the camera and one lens
There is also a small Optex bag suitable for a camera with two small lenses, currently I have a background sheet in it.

There are also the Lowepro miniZoom Toploader my wife uses for her little Fuji 2800Z (her travel camera, her job takes her to three or four trade shows a year).
My youngest son has my little Lowepro Rez something-or-other, a neat little two part bag suitable for a digicam or small video outfit.
There is a huge Amvona backpack in my closet (great exterior, mediocre interior) that was a "free bonus" with the tripod I bought.

I still haven't listed everything. You collect a lot of camera bags over 28 years.


Black Knight Dec 9, 2006 7:29 AM

nhmom wrote:

Thanks, Black Knight. Sounds like this bag will definitely fit my needs. I may just end up doing as you did and order online. Figuring I can return it if it doesn't.

Are you worried about a power outage? I thought I was going overboard carrying two extra sets of batteries (once I get my rechargeables). That's another thing I still need to buy.Too many things going on right now.
Hi Nhmom

A little overboard Perhaps, but Dont forget the flash also uses 4 batterys, So 1 set in camera , 1 set in the flash, the balance are backup for the Two items. Each set of rechargeables gives me between 400-600 Shots. When i am Shooting at the race track or an Airshow it is not Uncommon for me to shoot 700-or more Shots
Another big reason Is when on vacation with the Family. Someone always forgets to bring extra batterys For the MP3, camera or Game boy. So Guess What i Get "Dad do you have Extra batterys"
On Our up Coming Cruise, i have decided to just bring A couple sets of CRV-3 and Leave the Charger and NIMH batterys Home


Edit- I see I made a Mistake In posting last night. It Should Be A total of 5 sets of Battery. Sorry

Monza76 Dec 9, 2006 7:45 AM

I'm with BK, since Pentax has given us a very economical battery system that is compatable with our other accessories, you can never have too many batteries. I usually carry three sets with just the camera itself and five sets if I have my Vivitar 285 flash with me.

One last comment from me, I don't have a Slinger style bag but they do look good and if I could justify another bag that is what I would get. Shoulder bags can be uncomfortable and backpacks can result in disaster if you accidently pick one up when it is still open, but the cross-over sling bag seems to keep the better qualities of both.


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