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Hayward Jun 26, 2007 10:49 PM

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John Hill posted this on a lens thread as a reference

Now the author claims this will have no benifit for the digitals and in default settings he is correct, BUT.....

ALL 3 manuals *ist DS (not sure of earlier) 100D and K10D, say MATRIX METERING WILL WORK if ANY A or newer lenses NOT set to A (ring lock) AND you enable aperture ring is set in Custom Menu. (Will NOT by default and in fact inhibit shutter release... but DS 100d and 10Dall have that option)

Now an A lens out of A mode retracts the A contact, making it essentially a M lens pluse the insulator MAX/MIN f/stop contact positions.


This actuially should work if you do the mod.... AND enable the custom menu ENABLE Aperture Ring option..... I can't see why a properly marked M lens shouldn't also enable MATRIX Mettering. Again as that is what an A lens IS out of A mode. (A's have no Data contact just the A one and the insulators for lens min/max)

I also question any PRECISE drilling is really necessary either, vs just a thin layer of the epoxy paint in the right spot.... thos cam mount contacts are spring loaded so as long as thing layer vs BIG GLOB should be fine.

Don't have the paint, time, or critical need for matrix over center weight.... any M lens owners want to experiment.... you can always scrape the paint off ;)

Here is what all 3 manuals say about this. (Though page numbers ref differ)

And again PHYSICALLY an A lens out of A mode (A contact retracted) is an M lense but for having the insulator markers.... Marked M lens in "Allow" CS should work I'd think.

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