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These were from a show I went to on the 3rd. It was a rather large display, but I'd seen it a couple times before and after getting some recent practice shooting fireworks, I think I was decently well prepared.

Again I used the 18-55 kit lens, mostly at 18mm. I turned off the noise reduction to speed up the shooting, and I shot RAW this time. Since most shots were 1/2 second exposures, the small buffer really wasn't a problem and I could pretty much just keep shooting. The RAW files allowed me a lot more play room for tweaking the colors and the overall exposure level.

These first two shots were my favorites of the night. Both were 1/2 second exposures at f/6.3;

This one I like because you can see my friend in the lower left corner shooting with my old Pana FZ30;

Here's a few others I think came out decent;

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these are fantastic for hand held
i like how you filled the frame with the fireworks
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I really the one with your friend...it looks like a "wall" of fireworks& also the next to the last shot...it kind of gives that tree an infra-red effect!

Very cool series & thanks for posting!

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As usual, your pictures are outstanding. It always amazes me how you can handhold a camera with such slow shutter speeds and you do it over and over again. Thanks for posting them, especially the more unusual ones.
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Thanks for the responses.

Gumnut, I like how they fill the frame as well, though I really didn't have much choice for the most part. I was shooting at 18mm and I think only the 3rd and 5th picture might have been cropped a bit. The trick was trying to get an interesting composition with very little time to think about it.

I made sure to get there very early so I could get as close as possible. Since nobody was standing in front of me, this also meant I was able to shoot sitting down, and I'm sure that helped in keeping the camera stable for longer exposures.

Ron, I like that photo with my friend as well, though I think it's poorly balanced. Had I noticed that he was somewhat in the frame, I think I would have shot lower to try to include him more. I'm still waiting to see if he likes the photo, and to see how his shots came out.

Mtngal, thanks for the compliments! I'm sure the stabilization helps a lot in these kinds of situations, and fireworks photography can be very unforgiving as any little twitch will cause the streamers of light to become wobbly. I have to admit that I tried a number of different shutter speeds throughout the show and I don't think any of the ones shot slower than 1/2 second were very sharp looking. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I had it set to .8 seconds during the entire finale, so pretty much all those shots are rather messy looking. I'm curious to see how my friend's photos came out using my old FZ30. He says he took a lot of 1 second exposures, and it seemed to me that the stabilization on the FZ30 was more effective than that of the K100D, so I'll have to see how his came out.
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