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Default More new K5 shots

Spent a short time at the county park this afternoon. Tried out the DA*300 with the K5 - an awesome combination. There's a pond at the park, so I could practice taking pictures of some birds.





The sun had been trying to break through the clouds but only managed it once or twice (the goose picture was taken during one of the brief periods of sun).

An HDR photo made up of 5 frames and processed in Photomatix. For some reason I like this picture, though I have no clue why, other than I always love reflections:

While there was no snow at the park, there was fresh snow not far above:

While all of the pictures I took with the DA*300 had the subject sharply focused, it seemed like it was occasionally/often at the back edge of the in-focus area. If I continue to see this I might adjust the focus point slightly as I'd rather have more focus behind the subject instead of in front. I'm not so sure it's the camera - I have a tendency to lean a bit between focusing and pushing the shutter (spend too much time doing it) and so the problem could have been my poor skills, not the camera.

This camera captures so much fine detail/texture. The K7 could capture almost as much but it seemed like I had to work at it much harder. The goose was underexposed (didn't want to blow out the whites) and it's easy to push the exposure without introducing noise.

Also, the image quality at ISO 80 is just amazing.
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mtngal, congrats on your new toy
very nice shots
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Great pictures, and congrats with the k5
really like the goose and the next one.

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Indeed an awesome combination, nice shots.


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Looks like the K5 complements your skills, nice shots


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#1 & #4 are outstanding. You may be right about leaning - I tend to do that too. Front focus would be more desirable in close-ups because of the shallow DOF - it is most important to have the front part of the subject (particularly the eyes, if an animate subject) in sharpest focus, and I would suspect the designers have this in mind, as there are a lot of complaints about indoor focus (usually at shorter distance) being too shallow with both cameras and lenses.
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#4 is really lovely, the detail is amazing.

I really am toing and froing between the *60-250 and *300. Hard decision.
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Thanks, Penolta - the next time I visit the park I'm going to try a smaller aperture to see if that makes things better. The focus on the K5 seems sharper, so you can't get away with something at the edge of the field any more. I still don't believe the detail I'm getting with this camera, it's just awesome.

ff - that's a hard decision. I skipped the zoom (already have a good 50-135) and chose the DA*200 and DA*300. There's occasionally something magical about pictures taken with the 200, so I'm very happy I went this way. The good thing about it is that either way you go, you'll end up with a fantastic lens.
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Great shot of the goose, Harriet! I have the hardest time with white birds in direct sun. You done good girl.

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no no nooooooo
i have the *300mm lens
and i priced a k5 yesterday $1800 AU
i have the 10D at the moment and the K5 looks like a great step up
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