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Hi Ira (and apparently Brian/Ira),

Okay, now I'm really confused. . .:-)

Anyway, whoever you are, this is a very nice series!

You probably won't want to hear this, but I've been playing with the K20 in available light -- nothing worth posting -- and have come to the preliminary conclusion that this new body makes getting good available light results almost too easy.

A good example came yesterday, when I walked into one of my local camera shops with the K20 and DA*50-135. Both the salesman and the owner were curious about the cam, and I let them both play with it. The Salesman was a C guy, and the owner (and the shop) was primarily N.

The salesman was impressed with the lens -- commenting on how really quite the AF was (and was puzzled by the complaints about AF speed) He really liked the FL range too, and said that it would be perfect for his use as a wedding and events photographer.

I encouraged the owner to take a couple of shots. I had it set to Av with auto ISO up to 800. I had been outside playing around and the aperture had been set to f8, and he didn't change it, so he was shooting indoors available light at f8. He took a casual shot of one of his other employees, and was impressed with the resultant image on the LCD. I then showed him the INFO on the shot and he was shocked to see that it was taken at 1/15, f8, ISO 800, and he had to show his employees what the K20 did. He said that he had been considering starting to stock Pentax, but was now pretty well convinced.

Oh yeah, I think you'll like this too -- the B&W filter now lets you apply virtual colored filters to adjust the contrast as if you were shooting B&W film with filters.

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snostorm wrote:
Hi Ira (and apparently Brian/Ira),

Okay, now I'm really confused. . .:-)
Hi, I am Ira, Brian used my computer at work (which was logged in at the time) and posted as me:roll:.


Scott, please, don't tell me anymore about the K20D, I am trying hard to be strong.

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Ira - love your pictures! The DL still does a good job, doesn't it?

Brian - nice picture, looks like you were having a good time. Just be careful about confusing all of us (I confuse easily).

Scott - do you know how hard it is to wait for a new camera? I keep torturing myself by reading all of the comments people make about it. Very hard to wait...
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