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Hello everyone !

I'm a 21 years French-Canadian medical student. I've been living in Europe for the past three years, and this is where I discovered I had a secret passion for photography. :shock:

I am finally moving back home to Canada this summer. Rent will be cheaper, food, electricity, water... everything ! Which means all these savings will go into...... buying my first SLR! I am very excited, since the best camera I have owned so far is a Powershot S500. I've purchased 200$ worth of books and devoured them, especially 'Light- Science and Magic' and 'Understanding Exposure'. I now feel ready to start shooting. :-x

I looked around and first wanted to go for the K100D, but I thought I'd go for a K10D right away since I have the budget and I feel the K10D will last me a little longer - it will probably take a while before my skills outgrow the camera !

So I'd like to share with you my shopping cart at CameraCanada.com. Before some Americans start screaming how expansive it is compared to the US - unfortunately it is. I considered buying in the US (I included a comparison) but the savings are very small after duties and taxes, and if I ever need to use my warranty I'd need to send my gear to the United States. So although it's a little more expansive here, I don't mind.

My budget is 3000$. Here it is:

K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Body BONUS $920.80
Pentax - 16-45mm f4 Digital smc DA ED AL Lens $377.60
Pentax - 50-200mm smc PDA f4-5.6 ED Lens $188.80

Battery Grip DBG2 for K10D Digital SLR $182.14
Battery Pack DLI50 Rechargeable$84.50

Sandisk - 2 GB Ultra II SD Plus Memory Card 2x $62.79
Lowepro - Pixel Pak V1 Memory Card Case $17.89

Pentax - Deluxe SLR Camera Bag with Pentax insignia $24.74
------------------------------------ Sub-total: 1922,05$
Shipping: 16,72$
6% PST: 116,32$
Total: 2055,10$

Here is a comparison to an eBAY kit: click here

Sub-total: $1,189.95US
Shipping: $47US
14% PST/GST: $173,17US
Duty and brokerage fee: 79,87
------------------------------------ Total: $1460.12US
Total: 1568,47$ CAD

Of course I don't have the same lenses (CameraCanada.com doesn't have the Temron mentioned) so my approximate savings for buying across the border would be of 300$ give or take...except I won't be happy if my K10D breaks and I have no more warranty. I prefer to buy at home and have a piece od mind !

I am missing: :angry:
- A tripod
- An external flash unit

I still have around 1000$ left on my budget, so if anyone can suggest a good tripod (and a ballhead if it doesn't come with it) as well as a flash unit.

Let me know what you guys think, I'm very anxious to hear your comments! Thank you!!! :bye:
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Only a couple of items that I would look at:

First off, you might want to look at the Sigma 70-300 APO instead of the Pentax 50-200. It will give you a bit more reach and has a macro switch for much closer focusing. Either way, both arevery highly recommended lenses on this site.

If you get the 70-300, you might want to look into something to close the gap between the 16-45 and 70-300. A good 24-105, 24-135, 28-105, or28-135 would certainly do the trick (as well as provide you with a good walk-around lens)and they can be acquired quite cheaply.

The next thing I would look into is a highspeed 4GB card instead of the 2GB, and you really don't need a Lowepro memory card case. If you really want one, you can pick one up for ~$5 at your local Wal-Mart (or equivilant).

As far as a flash is concerned, the Sigma EF500DG Super should fit your budget and also gets very high reviews on this site.

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Thank you for your comments !

I would certianly look into the sigma, but I do not want to buy 3 lenses - since the K10D will be my first SLR I will have a very steep learning curve to take and I feel it would be wasted money at the present time.

I'd really appreciate suggestions for a good fiber tripod and an external flash ...

the EF500 Sigma Super Flash for Pentax ETTL maybe?

Edit: Hey I was too fast

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A friend of mine I had not spoken to in a long time called me coincidentally yesterday, and I told him I was going to start getting seriously into it... he got so excited I thought he was gonna pee in his pants... in any case he asked me how serious I was, my budget, and how tight I was on the budget. He said ''Better to buy quality right away than buy cheap now and buy more later... it'll save you money in the long run!" I was like ok ... nice. I just got his e-mail with a kit he came up with for me:

== At CameraCanada.com ($CAD):
- K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Body BONUS $920.80
- Pentax - 16-45mm f4 Digital smc DA ED AL Lens $377.60
- Pentax - 50-135mm f2.8 smc DA* ED (IF) SDM Lens $1,227.20
- 2x Lexar - 2 GB 60X PLATINUM II SD Memory Card $114,66$
Sub-total: 2640.26$
PST 6%: 158,41$
Shipping: 16,00$
Total: 2814,68$

== At BHphotovideo.com ($US):
- 190XDB 3-Section Tripod (Black) with 501HDV Fluid Head - Supports 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) $266
- O-ME53 Magnifying Eyecup for Pentax Digital SLR $34.95
- Apex 120 AW Shoulder Bag - for Digital SLR Camera with Lens Attached, plus Accessories (Arctic Blue) $44,95
Sub-total: $345,90US / $364.34CAD
PST 6% + GST 8%: $21,86CAD + $30,90CAD
Shipping: $44CAD
Total: 461,10$

Combined orders: $3275,78CAD

According to him, even if I am a beginner, I'll learn (I am indeed a quick learner) and that is a "mother kickass kit".

I think I'm gonna trust his judment, even though the price of the 50-135mm made me go "Holy mother of photography". What do you say?
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First tell me what you want to take pictures of, then I'll recommend some lenses for you.

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I have a deposit down on the DA* 50-135, and will buy it as soon as it comes into my local camera shop. It's not yet released (but is supposed to be soon), but when I played around with one that the Pentax rep had at the camera store - I was impressed. It was mounted on a K10 with the beta software for the SDM focusing system, and it's just about silent and very quick to focus. I'm REALLY looking forward to this lens coming out.

I agree with your friend - buy the most best lenses you can afford. I own one top of the line lens (A*300mm) and it's so much fun to shoot with. It makes a huge difference with my pictures, I get far less frustrated with it than I do with some of my other lenses. A mediocre lens on a top camera will produce mostly mediocre pictures, while a top quality lens on a lesser camera is capable of producing outstanding pictures.

The only disadvantage of the DA*50-135, when compared to the DA 50-200 is that you lose the extra length. Is that going to be important to you right away (it might bother some but not others). By the way, Pentax designates their top lenses with a green star, so if you see a "*" in a lens name, or "Limited" after, the lenses are going to be good.

As far as cards - I have a 2 GB card and a 1 GB as a back-up (rarely used). Most of the time I don't fill up the 2 GB cardbefore I download to my laptop (if I'm on vacation it's usually a road trip and the laptop is with me). You can always add cards later.

Good luck with your choices!
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One thing for sure skip the grip and use the money for something else!

Go to a shop and try out some lenses and see what you like before you buy some lenses you really don't like for your type of shooting. You are the only one that can decide which lenses you will use the most.

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Hi Tigerlord

Correct me if i am Wrong, but i think i have seen You post over on BBR. Anyway welcome To the board.
Heres my 2cents.
All Of your picks look Good. However, what "MtnGal" and "Ishino"and "Ennacac"
Are saying Is very true. The Pentax 50-135 looks To be a Great lense, but Be sure that if you are spending that kind of money, that's all the lense you Will Need.
IMHO You really Should Think long and hard about What type of photography you want to do. Before investing that much money.
Most people start with the kit lenses until they decide exactly the type of Shooting they really Enjoy, Then they Go for the better glass.
One other Suggestion. For your bag take a look at the Lowepro SlingShot 100 AW

Good luck with whatever you decide


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I'd add slightly to the, as the kit lens is a bit limited for stuff not right in fromt of you...

But will agree to what someone above, said..... the Kit and SIGMA 70-300mm make a very strong starting point govering pretty continuously a lot of ground, for not a lot of money.

Then figure out ranges where one would like to specialize, and go for higher end lenses in thnose area.

That is where I started out.... until I figured that out and could take the time to find good deals on the things I wanted. Actually the Kit, Sigma 700-300m where my only NEW lenses of a bout a dozen now.... until I recently got the Tamron 28-200mm (refurb) which has mostly replaced the Kit and the SIGMA.... but still use both..... especially the kit when I want wider than 28mm

May sell the SIGMA (but do like its macro ability) as I now have a Promaster 100-400mm that with the Tamron 28-200mm thatmakes the SIGMA sort of redundant. (But for the MACRO)
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What I enjoy the most are:

1-2 Babies and animals (capture the moment kind of photos)
3- Landscape

I also do portraits from time to time...

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