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Well, I haven't purchased a new printer in a while (have the HP Photosmart 7350 and a laser right now), but I've always been partial to HP. I like the flat feeder trays as opposed to the tilted ones. The one thing I would make sure if I bought a new one is get one that has individual cartridges for each color. The HP I have now has a color, black and a special extra color one. Two cartridges go in the printer at once. And, I do have problems printing 4 x 6's on 4 x 6 paper. Usually just print on 8 x 10 and cut. I think it's the software, but haven't taken the time to download different drivers.

My two coworkers who enter photos in fairs with me also own HP printers. This past fair all three of us were told they were impressed with our photo printing services and wanted to know who had printed for us. We told them we printed them ourselves and they were impressed. Mind you, these are county fairs, but still. The judges at at least two of these fairs are supposed to be professional photography judges, not just volunteers. I do notice on my printer that it's not as great as their's, but it's also 3 years older.

Anyway, my 2 cents worth. We've bought my mom two Epson printers in the past 4 years and she's having to replace the second one already. And, she doesn't really print that much. (My brother keeps insisting Epson is the better brand.)

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I have the HP 8250 and its a great printer. It has the Seperate color carts, So you can just replace a color as needed. While i Never Use It, it has a Built in card reader.

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Old Sep 29, 2007, 3:19 PM   #13
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i've been a canon person forever. currently i have a ip6000d. i've had it for over a year and it delivers lab quality prints..

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JimC wrote:
If different software doesn't solve it, you may want to try it on a a different PC to narrow down the issue (it still may not be a bad printer if you've already replaced the cartridges and that didn't solve it). Something else could be causing it.

Or, just boot into a Linux Live CD with drivers for it and see if you can print photos OK from it (that would take Windows out of the equation entirely and let you see if the printer works OK or not). I have several sitting around with relatively current HP utlities and drivers on them. What side of town are you on? I'm in Largo Woods near Abercorn and Largo and would be glad to check it for you if you wanted to drop by. Just send me a PM and we could work something out.

Went to the hp websiite and downloaded the most current software and drivers. Problem solved. Prints now look as the should.
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read steve's review of th e6000 here

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I'm fond of Canon printers as well. My S900 has lasted me a lot longer than my last two HP printers. Plus, the individual inkjet cartridges minimizes wasted ink , compared to those tri-color cartridges that HP uses in most of its consumer printers.

Epson is another brand I would consider. Last time I checked, they had higher resolution prints than Canon or HP, but things may have changed.

I know that my next photo printer (should my S900 break down) will be another Canon.

- Jason
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Old Oct 3, 2007, 8:04 AM   #17
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I've been using a Canon IP4000 for three years I think. The Canon IP4300 is the up to date version and you can get the 100 year ink for it also. If I needed to change I would buy it. I print a lot of 8x10 photos and it prints well enough that several have won at local contest.

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Old Oct 5, 2007, 11:37 AM   #18
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EddyinGA wrote:
I have an HP Deskjet 5600 Printer that is, apparently, going south on me.

When I print an 8 x 10 photo, I get about 3 inches of properly printed colors the the rest of the print has a deep purplish cast to it.

So, I think it's time for a new one.

I'm not wanting to spend any more than about $250 on a good printer and I'd prefer one that is not an "all-in-one".

Suggestion re: what brand, model & etc would be appreciated.

If it isn't the cartridges (the usual cause) then it may be the driver chip on one colour failing when it gets hot during a full page print. I doubt it's the drivers causing it.

I'm still using an HP5550 with InkTec refill ink, I've had to buy 2 sets of cartridges in about 5 yrs. No fading at all on Ilford Printasia glossy paper in that period. Even earlier HP930 prints haven't faded with refill ink (not InkTec, BS-Print) on decent paper like Ilford or Imation glossy.

If I was buying new today, it would be either the Canon i4300 or an HP with those recycling cartridges, i.e. the cleaning purged ink gets back into the cartridge, I forget the cartridge or printer numbers offhand. Never an Epson again, I had one once and it was a royal pain with its slow cleaning and extreme waste of ink, and from what a friend experienced with a new one last year they haven't changed much. Nice photo quality for a year or so then blockage problems beginning seems to be the common complaint.

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