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If this lens is the same as the 17mm "Fish-eye Takumar" stillI have tucked away, I believe it is more properly called a "semi-fisheye" as it is somewhere between a fully circular fisheye and a rectilinear WA (a rectangular frame placed just within the circumference of a circle). This colorful shot is an effective use of that lens. I keep threatening to dust mine off and try using it - maybe this will encourage me to get of my duff.
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I usually hate fish eye shots as they are to me just a gimmick. But this one may help change my mind. Very nice indeed.


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This is a neat shot! While I originally didn't particularly care for the fish-eye effect, as I see more and more people using them to great effect, I'm changing my mind.
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Old Aug 3, 2008, 9:06 AM   #14
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Awesome shot Tom!! You made great use of the fisheye and DOF. cheers...Don
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Old Aug 3, 2008, 11:32 AM   #15
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Very Nice. Love the effect

I think I drove by this sunflower field when I drve thru Cumberland last weekend on my way to and from Minneapolis. I noticed then that the flowers were just blooming!!!!.....Just kidding. I did see a sunflower field...and I am sure there are many!

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Love the colors in this shot and the DOF is amazing.

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Thanks everyone, it is a fun lens to use! If I had a ladder when I was there I could have taken the shot without the curvature in the center, but then I kind of like it.

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