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Interestingly, this review is from a computer tech review website.Cameras are not their focus and it seems this allowed an approach without the typical biases noticed in some other reviews (though the reviewer appears to be very camera literate and knowledgable). It is still in progress as the reviewer states he will take a couple of weeks for field testing, but the review is already glowing.

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Hi Tim,

This actually appears to be written by someone who's actually used Pentax DSLRs in the past, and has a better grasp of the sometimes subtle upgrades that the K20 has over the K10. As Pop Photo has shown, cursory reviews, mostly comparing spec sheets, do not reveal many of the features and adjustments that one can make to get the most out of a particular camera body.

I especially appreciated the reviewer's use of a DA* lens to give impressions on aspects of the K20's AF, and that the K20 allows the user to choose the degree of NR applied as opposed to just testing at default settings and making conclusions about IQ on that basis.

It seems like this review is more like having an objective advanced DSLR user who is actually evaluating the camera for his own purchase -- refreshing.

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Very impressive - he actually sounds like he knows what he is talking about! I particularly like his explanation of the adjustable "profiles" for older lenses - moving the sensor for maximum sharpness and being able to store these profiles for several lenses - and his treatment of thecamera's performance with the DA* lenses mentioned by Scott. Thanks for finding this one, Tim.
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Tim thanks for posting the link,

I saw their review for the k10d when it came out and it was one of the most possitive that appeared.
Now with the k20d they are still possitive, I just like those guys :G

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I thought it was quite interesting, also. And the fact they brought up that POP didn't even test the K20's AF. It is nice to see someone actually spend time getting to know the camera and using it. I can think of at least one person who spent so much time measuring things and hardly ever talked about actually taking a picture, so a review like this is refreshing.
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He has a go at the other reviewers for not testing properly.

"This caused us to wonder how others would review the K20D. Most use the standard 50mm f1.4 lens from the manufacturer in testing Autofocus. The Canon 50mm is an Ultrasonic motor lens, while the Pentax 50mm is an old-style AF screw drive. Popular Photography modified their test procedure to accommodate the fast Olympus SWM motor in their E-3 review, but it is clear they didn't even bother to retest for the K20D and used older K10D launch AF numbers when SDM lenses were not even available. Unfortunately, that means their AF tests of the K20D are not comparable to Canon or Olympus or Nikon."

"We are trying to determine how best to test AF to account for the improved performance of SDM. The point is that the first question for any review of the AF performance of the K20D should be whether it was tested with an SDM lens. If an SDM lens was not used the review is not measuring the K20D autofocus performance in an apples-to-apples comparison."

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