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Old Mar 20, 2008, 11:07 PM   #1
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Read over on Ned's blog about the new Pentax Student Program.


Interesting enough the rebate lists the DA* 300mm... so hopefully the release of it is just a few weeks away.
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Old Mar 22, 2008, 4:05 PM   #2
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Kinda disappointing it's just for students. The rebate amounts don't seem any different than what's been offered in the past. Maybe Pentax feels they've sufficiently injected their products in the mainstream and are phasing out their rebate offerings.

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Old Mar 22, 2008, 4:53 PM   #3
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I feel that a rebate should apply to everyone across the board..If the manufacturer then wants to reward special groups of people, such as students, teachers, police, firefighters, military, then fine offer these groups an additional incentive to purchase your wares..

I also feel that the camera companies should be willing to administer the rebates themselves, not farm it out to a third-party that often seems to want to put up roadblocks that prevent the consumer from qualifying for, & recieving the rebate..

Better yet, just lower the price of the camera, lens, or accessory to an appropiate price somewhere between MSRP & MSRP less the rebate..Have that be your price regardless of where one purchases the equipment..

Many, many companies do this..There is a price under which they prohibit any distributor from selling their product..Anyone caught selling under the ceiling that the company sets is stripped of the right to sell their product, & sometimes taken into court..

The camera companies have too many different tiers of prices at which the consumer can purchase their products, especially the hot camera bodies & lenses that are really popular..

A consumer can practically go blind spending inordinate amounts of time surfing the net trying to find the best deal on a hot camera or lens..Only to find out that the place with the best price is selling deceptively; never had, or intends to have the item that you want in stock, baits & switches; or only had a few cameras that quickly sold out..

IMO, the camera manufacturers should do away with rebates altogether, & just sell their product for a reasonably fair price that is the same where ever their products are sold..

Won't make the B&H's, the Adorama's, and other similar stores happy..But it sure would go a long way towards helping to clean up the discrepencies in pricing, as well as giving the few remaining brick & mortar stores a slightly better chance to compete in this global economy..

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Old Mar 22, 2008, 7:42 PM   #4
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Rather then eliminating the rebates, they could just lift the requirement that the product not be sold below X price. Then if they really wanted to push their product, they'd just have to cut the price to the distributor for a shot time.
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They obviously aren't making a serious effort to market to students and educators--nor do they expect to sell very many this way. Software publishers and others who offer similar discounts simply require that you be a student or an educator; Pentax is requiring that you be a full-time teacher of photography or a photography student. Educators must submit a syllabus to get the discount. Were the rebate a more significant one...($ 100 on the K20d for example)....such an underwhelming offer might be more understandable.

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