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I might as well give my two cents worth also, even though I'm a couple days late. I have used Adorama for many years (about 15) and have always been happy with there service. This Spring I took a photography course from the Perfect Picture School of Photography and was very happy with it and learned a lot. I mention this, because they are inpartnership with Adorama.

I have not used B&H, mainly because I have been very satified with the service from Adorama and so go therefirst. So add me to the list of satisfied customers. I do believe B&H is also held in high regard by many people, so this is good too. Being in the retail business, it isnot always easy to please all the people all the time. All we can do is try- Bruce
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I've always had good service with Adorama, and when I was in NYC for a short trip, I stopped in and bought the K20D just as it was coming out. Talked to Efraim before I left, and then met him in the store. He took care of me very well, and made sure I had everything I needed. Was also very polite and seemed eager for my business.

They are definitely on my "approved vendor" list.
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HelenOster wrote:
Trojansoc wrote:
I have made numerous purchases from Adorama,and I've always had excellent service, so it bothered me when Ishino initially had a problem with them.

There's somethingthat struck me in reading through these posts--the fact that a representative of Adorama was actually reading remarks from their customers in an attempt to keep a watch on what people were saying aboutthem in one of their target customer communities. This says a lot to me about their committment to trying to do the right thing.

Hats off to you, Helen. Feel free to come by anytime.

Hi All

Thank you all for the feedback - made me feel very welcome. I get around as many forums and blogs each day, as I can, but if you have a pressing issue, do feel free to contact me directly - [email protected].

I'm not technical (although I will always do my best to find someone with the relevant knowledge to respond to a specific query).

Mymain job is to ensure that our customers have a direct line into Adorama, to addressordersthat have gone wrong - and to ensure that the management team are kept up-dated of issues that may indicate a need for a change in our policies or procedures.

Best wishes

Helen Oster

Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador
Wow its really great to have a vendor on the board and someone to contact directly if we have a problem with an order.

I'll add my $.02 as well about adorama. In the past I've order many lens from them and every order was shipped as promised. Adorama is A+ in my book.
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