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I don't leave my camera in the car because of the heat. However, my camera goes with me every day to work and I spend my lunchtimes wandering around looking for things to shoot (there's always something to shoot around my work neighborhood). Idon't usuallytake it to the grocery store unless it is on the way home or if I'm going some place else where I think I will want it (which is quite often).

My shoulder started to act up at one point, but the Slingshot bag seems to have that under control. The tennis elbow is much better, though I still have to be careful with it. Until I did my equipment list I had forgotten about the Lowepro fanny pack - think I'll start carrying that on occasion with just the camera and one or two lenses when I'm going to the store and don't want to look too strange (around Westwood the Slingshot fits in well with all the book bags).
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I cannot carry one into work with me so it stays home when I go to work...The company I work for will terminate your employment immediatly if a camera is found on your person...But the company cell phone they furnished me with takes photos and video ....Go figure!!

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Sorry to hear about the missed opportunity :-( Alhough something can be captured with modern cellphones my oldie-but-goodie Casio Z750 in manual mode is like a part of myself- and even in case of extreme misfortune I can quickly grab my wife's Casio S770- so small and light that she always has it in her bag- even in theatre :-)
Best and happy shooting plus challenging new opportunities, JR
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