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ennacac wrote:
Where is gets confusing, my MacBook is a core 2 duo, which is a dual core in one chip, but my Mac Pro is a quad core, but shows 2 3GHz dual core processors.

I expect the new PC's are the same.

Now - I do not have a Mac - nor do I have access to one but:

I believe that your Mac Pro is a dual socket (dual processor) running dual core (2 CPU cores) per socket, there by giving you what appears to be two dual core implying a "quad" setup.

As mentioned in my previous post - I have a 6 (actually 9 server) environment that consists of servers capable of containing 4 sockets. Two of these machines are maxed out, in terms of processors in the socket - not models of processors in the sockets. So - the big machine is

4 3.2 GHz Xeon dual core processors -=> giving the device 8 real processors add into this that the processors are hyper threaded so you get the equivalent of 16 processors.

Intel does make quad core processors --==> 4 cores per socket - given the above configuration (which the chassis does support)

4 Xeon quad core processors -=> 16 real processors - hyper threaded ==> 32 processors.

Hyper threading is the werid thing - some applicationslove it - some just blow up. Since I do not have a Mac - I do not know if you can turn on/off hyper threading viathe BIOS.

I doknowthat Intel makes dual and quad core CPU's at the moment - there have been some rumors that they will have a 8 way core and maybe a 16 way core cpu at some point in the future. However, if your programs are notre-written/re-compiled with the correct libraries - then you gain nearly nothing by going to high core countCPU's.

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